Learning the background about Tarzana, CA during a cannabis dispo errand

I was really interested in learning about the background behind Tarzana, California during a trip to one of its many cannabis dispensaries last week. The kind budtender at the cannabis store on Ventura Blvd told me that the suburb is on the site of a former ranch owned by the author of the Tarzan book series, Edgar Rice Burroughs. The town’s name is of course an homage to the classic character of Burroughs’ many jungle-themed books. Although he also wrote many books about the hollow-earth concept, Burroughs will forever be known as the creator of Tarzan of the Apes. When I was growing up, I was mostly familiar with the popular animated film about Tarzan that featured Phil Collins on the soundtrack, but I had no idea in my youth that Tarzan was a character created in novels from decades prior. I was listening to this information from the budtender at the cannabis dispensary while he was ringing up my order. Although I live in Sherman Oaks to the east, I was eager to visit a dispensary company that opened a new location in Tarzana on Ventura Blvd. It was a satisfying car trip, even though I only covered 15 miles in total that day. The conversation with the budtender was nice, but I will admit that I was eager to get back to my neighborhood in Woodland HIlls so I could try the amazing cannabis products from the dispensary in Tarzana. The flower buds were cured so well that I hope to return to this dispensary whenever I’m driving through Tarzana to get to Los Angeles.



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The building may need some renovations

Next month I have a week off work and I won’t get paid during that time.

The owner of the cannabis dispensary where I work is making some huge changes to the building.

All of the interior areas are going to be renovated. The changes are necessary, because the building sustained a great deal of damage last time there was an earthquake. Some of their structural damages are significant and the renovations need to be made before the end of the year. All of the employees including myself were upset when we found out that we were going to miss out on a week of pay. Everyone signed a petition asking the owner to pay us half wages during that week. It was not our fault that the dispensary needed repairs and renovations. The owner did not comply with our demands. Since I have to take time off work, I’m going to enjoy the days off and go to Santa Barbara. I have a couple of friends that own a beach house in Santa Barbara and they have been begging me to come visit. Now that I have a couple of days off in a row, it seems like the perfect time to take them up on their offer. The house in Santa Barbara overlooks the pacific ocean. I even get my own room and access to the community pool and fitness center. It will be very relaxing to spend a week away from my job and my roommates. The recreational and medical cannabis dispensary remodel can’t get here soon enough.

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The small bong works as good as the larger one

My friend left her dog out of the bedroom yesterday when she went to the grocery store.

She thought the dog was in the bedroom, and she closed and locked the door when the dog was in the living room.

My bedroom door was open, because the dog isn’t allowed in the main areas of the house unless he is with my roommate. The dog came into my bedroom and broke my brand new bone. I was pretty upset about the events, but my roommate agreed to pay for a new phone. I went to a cannabis shop in Denver that has lots of different glass bowls. The Denver cannabis shop is located on the same street as a glass blowing factory. I spent almost $100 on cannabis supplies, and I got a small glass bong with my purchase for free. I was planning to buy a huge glass bowl, but the free bong looked just as nice as the item I was going to pay cash to acquire. I took the small bong home to see how well it would work. I knew I could go back to the same Denver Cannabis shop if I wasn’t happy with the product. I have to say that the small bong works as well as the larger one. It gets a good amount of air and bubbles very well. It has green and purple colors on the stem. The hole on the side of the glass is big enough to fit a number of different attachments, so this bong can be used universally with other items.

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The restaurant was doing their best to keep up with the reservations

A new restaurant opened up last weekend and my wife and I had reservations to attend opening night.

I was particularly excited about the restaurant, because I was part of the team of contractors that worked on the building. I specialize in heating and air conditioning work and the restaurant has an advanced solar system installed to save energy. The owner of the restaurant had a lot of fun and interesting ideas when it came to the business. The restaurant is one of the first places in Denver to serve cannabis infused dishes. The Michelin Star Award winning Chef came up with the idea to serve cannabis infused dishes after marijuana was legalized. I was really excited to attend the opening night, especially because I saw the unique menu ahead of time. When I arrived at the restaurant, the staff was doing their best to keep up with the reservations. The small Denver city parking lot was filled with cars and there was a long line of people waiting outside of the restaurant to be seated. My wife and I waited almost 45 minutes and we arrived right around the time that our reservation was supposed to be ready. After waiting that long, I absolutely hope that the food would not disappoint either one of us. I ordered a steak with mushroom truffle butter and my wife ordered a piece of salmon with a brown bourbon glaze. Both dishes were served with a sauce that was infused with Cannabis sativa. The food was delicious and the experience was unique. It was worth waiting almost an hour for our table to be ready.
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Moving to California was the best answer

When my wife wanted to move to California, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea.

I came up with a list of reasons why California was a bad idea.

Every reason on the list seemed like a good one to me, but my wife struck them down one by one. She had a unique job opportunity working for a company located in San Francisco. I looked at the real estate in San Francisco and I realized there was absolutely no way that I wanted to live in the city. My wife and I look for safe and affordable neighborhoods near San Francisco and her business address. We found a nice house in Bernal Heights. Bernal Heights is a nice community with beautiful views of downtown San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. We bought a house shortly after we moved. The house has gained $400,000 in value just in the last three years. We really picked a good piece of real estate. If we ever decide to leave the San Francisco area, we will be able to sell our home for a huge profit. I don’t think we will be moving, at least not any time in the near future. I’ve actually fallen in love with San Francisco and the legal marijuana laws. Recreational marijuana has opened my eyes and my mind. When I use the recreational marijuana plant, I become creative, energized, and filled with ideas. I’ve written some of my best stuff since we moved to the West Coast. My publisher thinks the city is my muse.



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Some time at the beach sounded like a relaxing and fun day

My friends and I thought it would be fun to go to the beach for a couple of hours last weekend.

The weather was quite warm and very humid.

We looked up several places in the San Francisco area and we decided to visit China Beach. It is a beautiful area near the Golden Gate Bridge. The protected area used to be a camp for Chinese fishermen. This is the reason why that beach is now called China Beach. There are a couple of nice hiking trails in the area. My friends and I accessed the San Francisco attraction with our kayaks. After a few hours, I was starting to feel tired. I decided to use my marijuana vape pen. I have the marijuana vape pen for times when I am outside and I am unable to use a lighter. The vape pen is battery operated and very easy to use. My friends and I spent several hours at China Beach and when we were finished we headed back to our apartment in San Francisco. Sometime at the beach was exactly what the doctor ordered. My friends and I did have a very relaxing and fun day. There are a lot of places that we still haven’t visited in the San Francisco area. Each time I have an opportunity to visit someplace new, I am reminded of the reasons why I live in this beautiful area near the coast. California has legal weed and really relaxed rules, but it also has stunning and beautiful landscapes. The views look like scenes from postcards.


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Going to the springs wasn't part of the plans

I decided to go to Tampa with a couple of my friends for spring break.

Some people wanted to go all the way to Daytona Beach, but Tampa was closer and it sounded like a lot of fun.

My friends and I made plans to visit a couple of area attractions during the week, like Busch Gardens and Ybor City. I had not planned on visiting any of the local Springs. I honestly didn’t know a lot about the springs that are close to Tampa. 90 minutes north of Tampa is a beautiful place called Rainbow Springs. My friends and I drove our rental car all the way up to the location. When we arrived, we were immediately surprised by the beautiful views and crystal clear water. My friends and I spent most of the day snorkeling around Rainbow River. We saw tarpon, alligator gar, and a variety of local fish. Even though it was a long drive from Tampa to the spring location, my friends and I absolutely enjoyed our day. The water was cold, but we rented wetsuits. The water was clear enough to see every bubble and crack in the crust of the earth. I found out that there are dozens of other springs that are 2 hours or closer to Tampa. The next time my friends and I decide to go to that area, I’m going to check out another one of the springs called Weeki Wachee. The spring is supposed to have mermaids that spend all day in the water. It’s even closer to Tampa than Rainbow Springs.

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I fell in love with the city at night

The tower propane heater provided a lot of warmth and I was able to remove my jacket

Long-distance relationships can be very difficult. When there are thousands of miles that separate two people, the relationship can fizzle out very quickly. My girlfriend and I had been dating for two years when she was offered a job in Denver, Colorado. She wanted me to move with her, but I wasn’t ready to leave all of my friends and family. We decided to try a long-distance relationship for a while. The first couple of months were extremely difficult, and I decided to visit during the winter holiday break. I planned to break up with my girlfriend, but I wanted to tell her the bad news face-to-face. I didn’t want to tell my girlfriend the bad news over the phone, and she was very excited when I arrived in Denver. The plane trip was relatively painless and quicker than I anticipated. I had a one-way flight and no layovers. It was night time when we drove through downtown Denver. The city was covered in fluorescent colored lights and everything looked spectacular. My girlfriend took me to a restaurant in Denver and we had dinner outside on the patio. Even though it was cold outside, we were warm. There was a tower propane heater next to our table. The tower propane heater provided a lot of warmth and I was able to remove my jacket. My girlfriend and I had a romantic evening and I forgot how much I missed her face. I planned to end the relationship during a bad visit, but I decided to move to Denver instead. It was the best idea I ever had.


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