My sister had a humidifier in her air conditioning unit.

I went to Evansville, IL to visit my sister who moved there after she got married.

  • I loved the old world feel of the area.

We went on tours and balloon rides, but I preferred being in her home. She had an amazing home that had excellent HVAC. What amazed me was the fact that she had a humidifier in her air conditioning unit. Back home, we were always fighting the summer humidity. I was used to severe thunderstorms every afternoon, that made the outside feel like a sauna, and I didn’t even want to go swimming after the rain ended. Here, there was very little rain. The air was dry, and I burned quickly. After a few days, the only time we went out was after dark. That’s when we went on our balloon ride. They had a sunset balloon ride of the city, and it was thrilling. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the city was from the air. We spent a couple of hours getting a tour of the city from the balloon. Once we got back down, the air felt cooler than the 64 degrees it showed on the thermometer. I had to wear a light jacket when we went strolling down the streets at night. I could understand why my sister and her husband chose to live in IL. With four distinct seasons, but a mild climate, I couldn’t think of any reason why I wouldn’t want to move to Illinois sometime in the future. The consideration was there, but I had to talk to my boyfriend before making any concrete plans.

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Icehouse Auction was my favorite place in Lee’s Summit.

Of course, it wasn’t just the atmosphere I wanted to soak up

When my sister told me we were going to Lee’s Summit, MO for an auction, I thought she was crazy. It was hot, humid, and threatening some bad thunderstorms. She said we had air conditioning in the car, and there would be air conditioning at the auction house. I thought we were going to an outside auction, so this wasn’t going to be as bad as I thought it would be. I loved auctions and if it was antiques and collectibles, I was all in. My husband took away my credit cards, all but one, and told me to have fun. When we got to the Icehouse Auction, I was surprised at the place. The building was a historic 1896 Icehouse that was in downtown Lee’s Summit, MO. It was absolutely lovely from the outside, and I couldn’t wait to get inside. Unfortunately, the doors were locked yet when we arrived. We sat in the car and had the air conditioning on for a few minutes, then turned the car off until it became unbearable again. Once inside the Icehouse, everything was comfortable. There was glassware and other things that were antiques. I was like a kid in a candy shop as I eyed up everything there was to see. I only hoped the auction took awhile so I could soak up the atmosphere at Icehouse Auction in Lee’s Summit. Of course, it wasn’t just the atmosphere I wanted to soak up. It had started to pour in earnest and lights wouldn’t have been needed with all the lightning. Had it not been for the air conditioning, my sister would have left before we got to the good things they were auctioning off.
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During the cold blast, many HVAC units in Tampa broke down

I am grateful that my HVAC unit worked, and it kept me warm while the cold blast was passing through the area

I must admit that while living in Tampa, I rarely use my central heating during the Winter months. The weather is usually mild, so even if it does get cold it never lasts for too long. For instance, right around Christmas, the entire country experienced some of the coldest weather that we have seen in years. In fact, Tampa experienced the coldest Christmas in about 30 years. The temperature dropped down to 31 degrees, which came as a surprise since 2022 was recorded as one of the warmest years in Tampa’s history. Well, up until that point, I haven’t used my central heating. In fact, only a week or so prior to the cold blast, I was still using my air conditioning. However, the evening of the cold blast, I turned on my central heating and I was glad that it worked without any issues. Unfortunately, that wasn’t true for many Tampa residents whose HVAC units malfunctioned on the night of the cold blast. Many were left without heat because most homes have heat pumps and many of them aren’t equipped to deal with temperatures that drop below freezing. So, naturally, the local HVAC providers received an influx of calls during those days because so many HVAC units broke down due to the cold weather. I am grateful that my HVAC unit worked, and it kept me warm while the cold blast was passing through the area. The crazy part about the unusual weather event is that the temperatures were back in the 70s within a few days. And many people, including me, are using our air conditioners again.

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I got catfished in Denver, but still had a fun weekend

I hate to admit it but I got catfished. I was so sure that this lady was legit, but she tricked me! We talked on the phone, we exchanged pictures, and did everything short of video calling. It’s heartbreaking, but also a little confusing to me why anyone would put so much work into deception. Criminals do it for money, but this girl didn’t even get any money from me, she just tricked me for the sake of being mean I suppose. There is a bright side to this story, however. No matter what the circumstances were, I finally got to visit Denver, Colorado for the first time, and it was so much fun the catfish might have been worth it! Even though I had no plans, no agenda, and no place to stay, the city of Denver welcomed me, and presented me with more options than I ever dreamed. There are a lot of nice hotels in Denver, but there are also a fair number of affordable accommodations. I selected a hostel a few blocks away from the Downtown Denver neighborhood, and was surprised to find how nice and clean it was. Right across the street was one of the many Denver cannabis dispensaries that the city has become famous for. In the past I had never smoked much cannabis, but since I was in Denver I decided to indulge. The cannabis dispensary I visited had a small stage set up in the back, where a singer was playing a little show. I spent my whole first night in Denver just getting high and grooving her music, and it washed all my troubles away.

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The chess championship was held in Portland

Chess is a serious game.

My dad was serious about it, which is how I wound up being so good at it.

From the time I was old enough to talk, Dad was making me play chess with him. I got very good at it, and was always on the school chess team no matter what school I was attending. As an adult I still play, only now I do it on a higher level. I am part of the national chess organization, which hosts a national championship tournament every year. This year the event was hosted in Portland, Oregon, so I was especially excited to attend. I have some friends who live in Portland, and they always show me a good time whenever I visit them. I had to keep myself in check, because I love smoking cannabis and drinking beer, which are both things Portland is known for. Too much cannabis clouds my brain and makes my chess game a lot worse. Long story short, I did not keep myself in check, and I was eliminated in the first round of the Portland chess championship! I was relieved by this, because now I had more time to explore Portland, hang out with my friends, and smoke marijuana. Although Portland has a very low-key vibe to it, it is most definitely a party town! I’m glad the chess championships are hosted somewhere new every year, because if I went back to Portland again the same thing would happen! The weed in Portland is just too good for me to resist.

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I was visiting my aunt in Muskegon and wanted marijuana.

I was visiting my aunt in Muskegon, MI last month.

I had recently gotten married, and I wanted her to get to know my wife.

I was sure Aunt Jeanine would adore her, and it was time we got to visit her. While there, I wanted to purchase marijuana. Aunt Jeanine was always the black sheep in the family, because she believed in natural medicine and said marijuana was as natural as it got. Now that recreational marijuana was legal, it cost more, but aunt Jeanine didn’t need to worry about getting her medical marijuana card. She said she could get 2 ½ ounces of marijuana and no one would bother her. I wanted to purchase marijuana on my way to visit her, and give it to her as an love you present. When we got to the dispensary, I forgot to bring my wallet, and I didn’t have my driver’s license. My wife, luckily, had her purse with her. She purchased the marijuana, and we headed out. Once we got to Aunt Jeanine’s house, we were so excited to see her we forgot to bring the marijuana into the house. She looked around and sniffed my jacket, then asked where I left her present. My wife laughed and said it was in the car. We forgot that the smell of the marijuana was lingering on our clothing, but Aunt Jeanine noticed. We were having such a good time talking to Aunt Jeanine and getting to know her again that we never got a hotel room. We ended up spending the entire week with her and doing some sightseeing.


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The old crew got together for a party in Seattle

Once a year, every year, the old crew gets together for one weekend. We are all in the primes of our careers, and several of us have young kids at home, so once a year is the best we can do. Back in college we were inseparable. We met in the dorms, transferred off campus to our own townhouse, and spent most of our time together. After graduation we scattered across the country. We have a rotation, and every year a different person hosts our reunion, which we consider to be a Lost Weekend. This year was my turn to host, in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington, and I wanted to make it a weekend to remember. Perhaps that was a poor choice of words, because I bought enough locally grown Seattle cannabis to make everyone forget their own name! I rented us a nice cabin just outside of Seattle, for a very specific reason, and then I stocked it with food, water, beer, and several ounces of locally grown cannabis. Based on past experiences, I knew that we wouldn’t be going out on the town, so I wanted us to have a great view of Seattle. A Lost Weekend leaves little time for sightseeing, because there is too much beer to drink and too much cannabis to smoke. The cannabis in Seattle is the very best in the world, in my opinion. At the cabin we were able to drink and smoke to our heart;s content, and the amazing view of the city made it feel like we were enjoying the wonders of Seattle… without actually going into Seattle itself.

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Are recreational and medical marijuana laws different in MI?

The interesting part of the regulations on medical and recreational marijuana was that without a medical marijuana card, you had to pay an additional excise tax, which more than doubled the amount of taxes paid on medical marijuana

Knowing Lowell, MI has both recreational and medical marijuana laws in the books, I wanted to do some research before moving there. I knew about their dual law, but I wanted to know if they have different laws for the medical marijuana than for the recreational marijuana. My sister has lived there for almost ten years, so I asked her. I had a medical marijuana card, but if I didn’t need to purchase one, I wanted to know what the laws were. She told me the laws were the same for both medical and recreational marijuana. She showed me an article that was written on 1/3/2023, and that was recent. It highlights several key statements that I was interested in. Adults over 21 could possess up to 2 and a half ounces of marijuana, or grow up to 12 plants if it was for personal use inside their homes. You could possess up to ten ounces of marijuana inside your home. There was a difference between 2 ½ ounces, which is on your person, and ten ounces inside the house. Medical and recreational marijuana users had the same regulation and possession/cultivation limits. The interesting part of the regulations on medical and recreational marijuana was that without a medical marijuana card, you had to pay an additional excise tax, which more than doubled the amount of taxes paid on medical marijuana. As long as I had a medical marijuana card, I was going to keep it. For what I had to pay extra in taxes, I was more than paying for the medical marijuana card already, and saving money.


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