My parents were born and raised in Glenville.

I have lived in the south for my entire life.

I don’t know what a life with snow and changing seasons is like. I mean, it isn’t like we don’t have a winter, but it lasts a couple weeks and then it goes back to being hot. The summer is just hotter than the rest of the year. Mom and dad have been doing a lot of talk about Glenville, IL. I knew that is where my grandparents lived, but I had never visited. Mom was saying how my grandmother missed us and wanted us to come visit. She and grandpa had visited quite often, but my grandfather recently died of Covid-19. Grandma couldn’t travel alone because she didn’t drive. Mom packed us all up , and we headed to Glenville, IL. I was going to get to see my grandma on mom’s side of the family, and my grandpa from dad’s side. I laughed when they were all glad we had our shots and could finally visit again. Even though it was summer I noticed a big difference in the temperature. It wasn’t so much cooler, but the humidity was tolerable. Grandma and Grandpa had air conditioning in their homes, so it was comfortable. The funny thing was that grandma only had a window air conditioner in the living area and one in her bedroom. She said they never had much use for central air conditioning. Before grandpa died, he barely turned the air conditioning on. I loved it so much in Glenville, IL, that I asked if I could go to college here. Grandma said I could stay with her, since the college was just a mile away. Mom and dad didn’t agree or disagree but I think I’ll be moving to Glenville, IL.

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Celebrating fall in the right area for it

I used to live down south where fall was just a slightly less hot summer.

  • I had to keep the AC on all day long.

I didn’t get into the fall spirit with pumpkins, Halloween, apple cider or any of that. The leaves always fell and the weather was hot. I just wasn’t in the mood. When I moved to Illinois, specifically Orland Park, that all changed. I was used to hot weather all year around and in Orland I get all four seasons. It gets significantly colder in the fall season, starting as early as September. I remember the first year being shocked and relieved that I didn’t have to have my AC system blasting on me. I hate the feeling of that cold, dry air on me. Letting the AC take a break and opening the window for a fresh breeze felt amazing. I also got to see leaves changing and felt in the fall spirit. I actually bought cider, squash and roasted pumpkin seeds. In Orland Park there is the Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm and Fall Fest. It has tons of pumpkins, pony rides, corn maize, hay rides, pig races and even more fun. When my friends who were locals suggested we go, I was excited. I had never raced through corn or actually been to a pumpkin patch. I had never decorated for Halloween before. Suddenly I was making faces of ghosts, buying mums and drinking cider on the weekends. It is way better celebrating fall when it feels like it.

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Seattle Kraken Hockey Team

My whole family is a huge fan of hockey. My brothers played on two different teams a piece all throughout school. Every weekend we would go to hockey tournaments and over the summer it was all about hockey. Basically during hockey season that was the only thing you could watch in person and on TV. I am still a die hard fan. My favorite is when a new team is formed. I remember when the Las Vegas team was formed. It is neat because every team has to give up a player. They can only protect so many players from being drafted into the new team. So that means certain key players that haven’t really gotten much attention in later years get to shine on a new team. Vegas kicked butt the year they formed. This new Seattle Kraken has formed in Washington. My whole family was super excited to see what players got picked. My ultimate favorite player on the Tampa Bay team was Yanni Gourde. He is now the center for the Seattle Kraken. He is super rough and mouthy. I just love him. My family bought tickets right away and made it a trip to visit Seattle Washington to see the very first Seattle Kraken game. I love that the mascot is a kraken. I love the team colors and jerseys. The team is doing really well this year so far. I think they are going to get a chance for the playoffs and then a possible Stanley Cup contender. I can’t wait to see what they do next.


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Want a Santa Barbara boys trip

My brothers, old college roommate and brother in law all go on a boy’s trip every year.

When we started the trip all of us were around 21-22 years old.

The trip consisted of finding a flashy city to drink, go to strip clubs, gamble and act like idiots. The bottle service at clubs was a big deal to us. Now that everyone is in their 30s, married and has kids, we want a more tame boy’s trip. We have agreed that the state everyone will fly to in California. Right now everyone is pitching where to go. My college roommate wants to stay in Los Angeles. Not only is it expensive, but I don’t really want to do a big city trip. I think 90 minutes outside of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, is better. I like the look of that location way better. You get a city feel without that huge expense. Santa Barbara also has stretches of beach everywhere and spa services readily available. The boys and I also could stop in at a recreational cannabis dispensary if we wanted to. There are tons of cannabis shops with oils, flowers, edibles and vape lounges. That could be a fun time. I also found tons of wineries and tasting rooms too. Getting messed up on a wine tour could be fun. No, it won’t be clubs and a party lifestyle, but I think it would be a more mature boys trip. I am putting a Santa Barbara itinerary together and hoping teh guys like it.



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Swimming in Tampa Bay was a bad idea

Tampa Bay has a huge body of water.

It is brackish water that contains a small amount of salt water with a small amount of freshwater.

Tampa Bay is filled with many different species of fish, mammals, and insects. One of the deadliest predators lurking in the Tampa bay waters is the elusive and dangerous Florida alligator. The alligator can be found all over Florida in any body of water. It is one of the biggest reasons why swimming in Florida waters is dangerous and often prohibited. The bay is one place to find alligators, but my friends still dared me to swim in the bay after a hot day at work. We were all working on an AC installation job. Took most of the day. The commercial job didn’t have any indoor climate control at all, so my co-workers and I were really hot, sweaty, and overheated at the end of the day. We were very close to the Bay and one of my co-workers said we should go for a swim. I immediately said I would swim in the bay for a hundred bucks and all of the guys decided to gather their funds to see if I would actually get in the water and swim. I didn’t want to look like a chump after I made the statement, so I found a spot where it was easy to get into the water. The guys made me swim a long distance to earn the money, and I was scared every time I moved my arms in the water. The next time someone throws down a dare, I really need to keep my mouth shut. I could have been chewed up into pieces by an alligator in the Tampa Bay.

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The Denver HVAC company was in no hurry to help

My family and I are from a very small town in the Midwest.

When my husband suggested uprooting our family to move to Denver, Colorado, I hoped he was joking.

I was alarmed when I found out that he was serious. My husband got an offer to work at a software company that was just starting out. The business has lots of room for growth and advancement and my husband was very excited. Even though we had to move our entire life to Denver, Colorado, I didn’t say no when he wanted to leave. Living in the middle of Denver has been quite different for me. I’m really not accustomed to all of the traffic. I’m also not familiar with any of the local businesses. When my hubby and I had a problem with the air conditioner, we didn’t know which Denver service provider was going to work out best. We had an issue with the air conditioner and didn’t have a lot of time to look for the right HVAC company. I called to make an appointment with the person on the top of the search engine page. Unfortunately, the Denver HVAC company was in no hurry to help. They put me on hold for 5 minutes and wanted me to schedule an appointment for 2 days later. Honestly, move contacts a repair company to make an appointment for several days later when there is an emergency? I had to call seven different air conditioner repair services before I found someone with a same day appointment slot. I thought it would be easier to find help in the city, but it’s just as difficult.

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Winter came early and we had to replace the furnace

People that live in a cold climate know how important it can be to care for the heating system in your home.

Denver is one of the coldest cities on the West Coast.

I have lived in Denver, Colorado since I was born. My mom and dad moved to Colorado after I was a week old. My dad got a job working for a tech firm in downtown Denver. My mom stayed home with my sister and I and we were home-schooled for most of our school career. When I finished school, I decided to go to a university in Denver. I could have travelled to any other city, but I honestly didn’t want to be far from my family. We are all very close. After I got married my husband and I moved to a different suburb in Denver, but every year at Christmas we get together for the holidays and celebrate. Last year was my turn to host. Winter celebration. Unfortunately, it was very cold that morning and I was having a lot of trouble with the furnace. Several of my friends and family were driving from other areas in Colorado and I knew the furnace needed to be repaired quickly. I called one of the local repair services in Denver and they came to the house to evaluate the problem. Neither one of us expected to find out that the furnace needed to be replaced. It was bad news on the morning of our holiday party and we had to come up with a solution in a hurry.
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The cannabis budtender was trying to get to work

Last Tuesday, I was working traffic duty on the interstate.

  • I hate having to sit on the interstate to watch for speeding cars, but every officer has to perform the duty at least one time throughout the week.

There’s a lot of traffic in Denver, and I usually catch about five or six speeders during the morning and afternoon. The speed limit on the interstate in Denver is 65 miles per hour, especially when traveling through the city. On Tuesday, I pulled over a blue sedan that was traveling 80 miles per hour in the middle lane. The driver wasn’t passing cars or being aggressive, but the speed was high. I ran the driver’s plate before I got out of the car. The owner of the car appeared to be the driver and there were no warrants for her arrest. I asked the driver if she knew that she was going 80 miles per hour. She told me that she was a cannabis budtender and running late for work. She worked at a cannabis dispensary about 2 miles from the area where she was speeding. I should have given you a cannabis budtender a ticket that day, but I felt bad that she was running late for work. She was also very friendly and cute and that certainly helped her case. The cannabis budtender was really cute. She told me the name of the cannabis shop where she works, and I might find an excuse to go to that place sometime next week when I have a few days off work.

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