I refused to smoke if I was going on the cruise beneath the falls.

Some of my friends decided we were all going to take a motorcycle ride to Toronto, Ontario.

I had never been to Toronto, Ontario, and I didn’t realize that it was ‌in Canada.

I also did not realize that Toronto, Ontario, was where Niagara Falls was located. Once I realized where we were, I talked to the guys I was with and told them I wanted to go on one of those cruises echoes beneath the falls. That brought an argument of whether the cruise ship went beneath the falls or in front of the falls or behind the false. I gave up trying to talk to any of them and went back to the hotel. When they returned, they told me they had found a legal recreational marijuana is dispensary. They had several pre-roll marijuana cigarettes and offered me one. Suddenly, the subject change from the marijuana dispensary back to the cruise that went beneath the falls. I told them I would gladly go on the cruise r,egardless of what part of the falls we got to see on it, but I didn’t think it would be smart to smoke a marijuana cigarette while on the cruise. All I could see was one of us tumbling off that boat, and continuously tumbling and tumbling and tumbling at the base of the falls before getting sucked in never to be found again. When I voiced this opinion, they all decided it was safer to smoke the marijuana cigarettes before heading outside to do some sightseeing. Toronto, Ontario, ready or not, here we come.

Marijuana Dispensary Toronto ON

They delivered right to the casino hotel room.

I don’t know how my sister did it, but she booked us into a Las Vegas, Nevada casino/hotel room for practically nothing. I think we were both under the assumption that every hotel/casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, would be a fabulous sight to behold. When we got to our hotel, it was in the old part of town, and we were half afraid to walk from the parking lot to the casino/hotel. We definitely knew there were some kind of odd things happening in this hotel, because along with the hotel amenities written on a card and a room service menu that showed their service fees, but there was also a menu from a marijuana café that delivered. I knew that Las Vegas, Nevada had legalized both medical and recreational marijuana, but I didn’t know that they would deliver to the hotel rooms. I was sure that once my sister saw that the flyer, that she would not want to be leaving the casino or the hotel for the entire three days we had spent here. She would go back and forth from the casino to our hotel room, waiting for the delivery from the marijuana dispensary. I was pretty sure that I was going to be left sightseeing on my own, and probably even going to dinners by myself. Instead, she took one look at the marijuana dispensary menu, and put it in a drawer. She said that she was here with me to celebrate my 21st birthday, and nothing was going to stop her from celebrating with me. For the first time in many years, I felt like I was more important than marijuana to her.



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Jack and David came to Seattle for a visit

Jack and David have been friends of mine since College.

The two guys met when we were in a Sociology class and they fell in love. They got married when marriage was legalized in this state and then they finished college and graduate school. Eventually Jack and David found a small place in New York and they settled down. Jack works for a law firm and David works as a pro bono attorney. Last week Jack and David came out to Seattle for a visit. It was the very first time that David was ever in Washington, and it was the first time that Jack ever went to Seattle. I picked up the guys from the airport around 1 in the afternoon. They weren’t very tired, even though the flight was nearly six hours long. Jack wanted to go to a marijuana dispensary as soon as we arrived in Seattle. They weren’t allowed to take any marijuana products on the plane, even though California and New York are both states that have legal recreational and medical marijuana. After 6 hours on a plane, Jack was ready to smoke a joint. We went to one of my favorite marijuana dispensaries in Seattle. The place has a huge selection of infused marijuana joints. I picked out one of my favorite screens and I purchased the Infuse joint for my friends. They picked out some items as well, and then we headed over to my apartment on Puget Sound. We had so much fun that week and I have to say that it would be really nice if the guys lived a lot closer instead of on the other side of the country.

Medical Pot Seattle Washington

The delivery driver was at the wrong address

On the phone, the driver sounded very frustrated.

Some friends and I were having a party and we were hanging out at a house in Beverly Hills. Everyone at the house was drunk or high, and we couldn’t leave the property safely. It was my idea to order marijuana from a dispensary in Beverly Hills. I called the marijuana dispensary to place the order. The girl on the phone acted like I was talking in a foreign language. I was trying to explain everything very carefully. I thought everything was coming out right, but she didn’t seem to get the order correct until I explained everything several times. I ordered four grams of cannabis concentrate. I picked the most expensive live rosin strains in the Beverly Hills cannabis dispensary. I also picked out two oz of top-shelf dried marijuana flower. The Beverly Hills dispensary driver contacted me about 30 minutes later. He was on his way with the order and his expected time of arrival was 15 minutes. Unfortunately for my friend and I, the driver did not arrive in 15 minutes. The guy had the wrong address. We didn’t realize the address was incorrect until after the guy was on the other side of the hill. On the phone, the driver sounded very frustrated. It’s not as if it was my fault. I must have said the address four or five times to the person taking the order on the phone. It took a long time for the driver to turn around and come back to the house. Most of my friends and I were already too drunk to care by the time the cannabis order arrived.



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The decision was to buy a new AC instead of fixing up the old one

My wife called me at work on Tuesday afternoon.

I was just about to leave the office when the phone started to ring.

I walked back through the door to pick up the phone. My wife was frantic and she sounded very upset. She told me that the AC in the house wasn’t working at all. She was trying to wait until I got home from work to tell me about the problem, but the temperature inside of the house was getting warmer and warmer by the minute. I told my wife to contact an AC repair service in Glenview. I assumed that I would get home before the Glenview AC repair service arrived at the house, but they weren’t very busy and they had a technician available. The service technician arrived about 15 minutes before I got home from work. The guy was still looking at the AC system when I got home. I was hoping that the problem wasn’t too severe, but the AC is 6 years old and the last couple of years have been rough. I wasn’t entirely shocked or surprised when the HVAC repair technician told my wife and I that the repairs were going to cost $1,200. The good news was that the part we replaced had a three-year warranty. The bad news was that the part would probably only last that long. After much discussion with the Glenview AC repair service, my wife and I decided it was better to buy a new Central AC instead of fixing up the old one.
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I saw a new billboard on the interstate for the HVAC company

I always take the same route to and from work each day.

  • I take I-75 all the way to the exit for the Tampa fairgrounds.

I get off the exit and head left into town. I have worked in Tampa Bay for the past 16 years. I don’t mind driving the distance, because I have a company car. I would definitely mind driving that far if I had to pay the price of gas right now, which is almost $6 for a gallon. The only other place in the country with higher gas prices is California. It’s getting closer to the summer season, and that means the prices of gas are going to get even higher. The price of gas always goes up in Florida during the summer season. There are tourists everywhere. A lot of people come to Tampa Bay and Clearwater Beach. There are hotels, motels, and resorts lining the beach and the river. There are large Billboards all over the interstate to advertise products and services. I noticed a brand new billboard last week when I was exiting the interstate by Tampa Bay. The billboard was from an HVAC service provider. The billboard had a large air conditioner on the front. It looks like someone took a bite out of the air conditioner. The Tampa Bay sign was funny and eye-catching. I don’t know if it will be helpful to get more sales, but it certainly won’t hurt. I will definitely remember the name of that HVAC service provider if I need to call someone for help.
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The driver didn't take very long at all

I was visiting some friends in Portland and I ordered some items from a recreational marijuana dispensary.

  • My friends believed it was going to take a long time for the items to arrive, but the lady on the phone assured me that the delivery times were only around fifteen or twenty minutes.

The guys were in a hurry, because they were worried that we were going to be late for the movie that was going to start precisely at 9 pm. The movie was new in theaters and the guys were worried that we wouldn’t get good seats if we were stuck waiting at the apartment for the Portland marijuana dispensary delivery. My friends didn’t seem to be complaining when I was ordering items from the marijuana dispensary. They were excited to add items to the cart, especially when I said I was going to use my debit card to pay for their purchase. The driver took 25 minutes and my friends complained the entire time. I honestly thought it was one of the fastest delivery services that I have ever had. The driver was lightning-fast and he didn’t have any problems finding our apartment in Portland. It can be difficult to find this place too, because we are on the third floor and it is only marked on one side of the building. I gave the guy a good tip for lightning fast delivery and walking the three flights of stairs up to our apartment. The elevator has been broken for a number of months and it is hell trying to climb those stairs.

Cannabis Portland Oregon

The Denver dispensary offered great sales on 420

My friends and I have been looking for the best deals on weed in Denver for the 420 holiday. We have searched the internet and all of the local papers. We even contacted a couple of the local dispensaries to see what places will have the biggest sales. It’s important to get the best price on marijuana in Denver, because my friends and I don’t own a lot of money. I work for the garbage company. Five days every week I stand on the back of a garbage truck and I pick up trash and recycling from the homes of the people in Denver. I earned just enough money to pay my rent as well as a car payment, insurance, and utilities. There really isn’t a lot of money left over, so I have to find the best deals in Denver on cannabis. I knew there was going to be a lot of sales on 4/20, and I was prepared to do anything necessary to get the best free stuff. My friends and I decided to go to a Denver dispensary that was offering 25% off all of the products in stock. The dispensary in Denver was also offering a goodie bag to the first 100 people to walk through the door. Jack and I wanted to be the first people to go to the dispensary, so we went there early in the morning and waited outside for 2 hours until the business opened. I got a t-shirt and a couple of pre-rolled marijuana joints in my bag and Jack got a new glass bong and an eighth of top-shelf marijuana flower. Both of us scored something nice.



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