The benefits of cannabis vapes

They are wonderfully discreet, portable and easy

It took me a while to get around to vaping. I have always enjoyed smoking traditional flower. Now that medicinal and recreational cannabis are both legal in New York State, I’m able to purchase lab-tested oil from a licensed dispensary. I have access to a wide selection of flavors and potency of disposable and refillable cartridges. While I will always prefer the experience of smoking a hand-rolled joint, there are a lot of unique benefits to vapes. Vape pens work by heating up vape oil just to the point of converting it into vapor. There is no combustion, which avoids the production of smoke and ash. Inhaling the vapor absorbs the TCH and other cannabinoids into the blood for quick onset of effects. Plus, the combustion of cannabis results in carcinogens, which are cancer-causing toxins. Vaping significantly lessens the chance of inhaling carcinogens. It is much easier on the lungs. However, vaping converts approximately 46% of THC into vapor while a joint only converts around 25%. Vaping uses a much lower temperature that preserves the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes. The terpenes are not only responsible for the smell of cannabis but also the taste. A good quality vape pen offers settings that allow the heat to be adjusted to the ideal level to enjoy maximum flavor. All I need to do is press a button, inhale and enjoy. Vapes don’t necessitate any extra gear or skills. They don’t create any noticeable odor or smoke. They are wonderfully discreet, portable and easy. I have found that the majority of New York dispensaries offer an impressive collection of indicas, sativas and hybrids for vaping. I can even choose CBD vape pens that fit right into my pocket.

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Cannabis for an active lifestyle

Living in Denver offers the benefits of different seasons, gorgeous landscapes and plenty of activities.

The city is absolutely beautiful. I am an avid skier, hiker, cyclist and runner. I appreciate all that the area provides. I am thankful that Colorado has legalized recreational weed. I like to take a small hit off a pipe or vape pen prior to physical exertion. I’ve found that a tiny amount of THC energizes me. I am more motivated and get more enjoyment out of the activity. The weed helps to get rid of stress, clear my head and focus my thoughts. I get into the right mind space and am able to appreciate the world around me. I feel strong, fast and fit. To complement a day kayaking, rock climbing, running hills or biking trails, I shop the Denver dispensary for either sativas or sativa-dominant hybrids. Along with vapes and joints, I like tinctures because of their portability, discretion and precision dosing. I simply place a few drops under my tongue and wait a minute or two for the cannabinoids to get absorbed. I swallow any remaining liquid. Within fifteen minutes, I feel the effects. Because I am so active, I suffer from occasional injuries and a variety of aches and pains. I have some problems with my knees, ankles and feet. To soothe tired, sore muscles and combat inflammation, I shop at the dispensary for CBD products. I like to apply CBD topicals directly to the affected areas. I’ve also found relief by taking edibles. I chew a gummy and benefit from long-lasting and more intense effects.

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Learning to appreciate vapes

I have just recently become a fan of cannabis vapes.

I always preferred smoking cured flower.

I liked to roll my own joint, light up, sit back and enjoy. I have enough experience to choose premium flower and the skills to create a proper joint. However, the process is time-consuming and messy. It creates waste and requires extra gear. There are times when lighting up is either inconvenient or not possible. Living in Thousand Oaks, I have my choice of dispensaries and consumption methods. The local weed shops carry every brand and strain I could ever want. When I expressed my concerns with smoking to a budtender, she recommended trying a disposable vape pen. I was intrigued by the compact packaging. I liked that the pen fit into my pocket and could be thrown away when I was finished with it. I didn’t expect to enjoy the experience as much as traditional smoking. I was surprised to discover that vaping cannabis provides an elevated level of flavor. Because there is no combustion, more of the desirable terpenes remain intact. Plus, there is less risk of carcinogens, making vaping easier on my lungs. I simply press a button and inhale. The minimal amount of smoke dissipates almost immediately and there’s no odor. The dispensary carries an impressive selection of vape options. I can choose from disposable and refillable carts of all potency levels. There are sativas, indicas and hybrids of a diversity of flavors. I get the same quick onset of effects as with smoking flower but with none of the drawbacks. While I will always prefer to relax with a joint, I now appreciate the simplicity of vapes as well.

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We went up the mountain for snow skiing and it was cold

Sometimes during the winter months, my friends and I drive into the national forest so we can go skiing and snowboarding.

Skiing and snowboarding are some of my favorite activities during the winter months.

It really doesn’t snow at all in Rocklin, California, where I work and live. It does, however, snow a great deal in the national forest and parks that are a short distance from my home. I work during the week as a service repair technician for a Rocklin HVAC business. Most of the time I perform routine repairs, evaluations, and service checks. I rarely go out on an installation job, but it does happen from time to time. I’ve been with the Rocklin HVAC business for 15 years. I am mostly in charge of things now, so I don’t have to kill my back working like the kids that are in their twenties. Since I don’t have to perform all of that strenuous activity and work installing HVAC equipment, I can save the physical exertion for the weekends when my friends and I go snow skiing. A couple of weeks ago we went west into the mountains to one of our favorite ski resorts. We went up to the resort for snowboarding, but we ended up spending most of our time inside of the lodge. About an hour after we arrived, it started snowing and it looked like blizzard conditions outside. I was afraid we weren’t going to be able to come back down into the Sacramento area, but the snow finally slowed down after 3 hours.


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There was no AC in the bus today and it was packed

My friends and I decided to take the bus to Chicago one morning. We planned to spend the whole day hanging out downtown and then we were going to take the last bus back to Elgin later in the afternoon. My friends and I did not have any classes on that wednesday. It was the day before Thanksgiving break and we thought it might be fun to spend the day in the city instead of hanging out at the campus. It was an uncommonly warm day and temperatures were easily in the ’80s. I wore a pair of shorts that day, but one of my friends wore jeans and he was uncomfortable. We walked around the city and went to some places that we wanted to visit. We waited at the corner by the museum so we could take the last bus back to Elgin, Illinois. The bus was packed with people at the end of the day. Some people were finishing up their day at the office and others were in the city having fun like my friends and i. The bus was extremely crowded and there was no AC at all. It was warm and the smell was unpleasant. The lack of AC was bad, but the driver would not let anyone open the windows for safety reasons. We tried to get the driver to open up her window, but she resisted. We drove all the way to Elgin without any AC and it was miserable the whole way. I can’t remember a time when I was more happy to get back to my apartment in Elgin, Illinois.



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Marijuana dispensaries are like drug stores here

My state of Oregon allows for recreational cannabis.

  • What is funny is that people who don’t live in a recreational weed state don’t get it.

They find marijuana so amazing. If they happen to come and visit me, they immediately want to see a dispensary. For me, going to the cannabis dispensary is like going to a drug store. It is all medical for me now. I use a tincture in order to sleep at night. I do a few drops of oil in my tea and I am good. I have a topical that I apply after a workout and before bed to lessen the leg cramps that come on. I also smoke a cannabis flower before work to reduce my anxiety and help my blood pressure. Nothing about a recreational weed shop is fun for me. I have my products I pick up once a month and that is it. I get friends all the time thinking we are going to party on cannabis. They want to get high on a heavy THC strain. They want pot brownies or other kinds of edibles. I am just getting high on the cannabis stage. Once it is available all the time, it has lost its luster. It is like all my friends out of state have just turned 21 years old and I am 40 years old. I am over drinking and partying at bars. I just want to sit at home and watch Netflix. That is me with legal recreational weed.



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The Nevada National Parks

My husband and I are big time hikers.

Anytime we go on vacation, the hikes offer a big deal to us.

I have taken us overseas and stateside and found some amazing hikes. I recently did a trip that spanned Utah and Nevada. My husband and I wanted to hit the National Parks there. We started our trip flying into Utah. We experienced Zion National Park and did Angels Landing and the Emerald Pools hike. We then drove from Utah to Las Vegas Nevada. The two of us chose to stay in the city and make trips with our rental car to the Nevada parks. We hit Bryce Canyon, Death Valley and Grand Canyon National Park. It was a ton of nature and hiking. I was surprised how much the two of us liked being in the city though. The city offered a lot as far as things to do. I figured being around all the lights, drinking and action wouldn’t be that fun. I only booked a hotel in the city since we could get something luxurious but be driving distance to national parks. Turns out the shopping, shows and places to eat were more than worth the stay. We had a great brunch that overlooked the city. My husband ate the best prime rib of his life in Las Vegas. Another pro was finding legal recreational cannabis there too. It was fun having some edibles on a lot of hikes. My husband usually chews sunflower seeds on the hike. This time he smacked on edibles.



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Cannabis changed my opinion of Illinois

As a kid in smalltown Illinois there were not a whole lot of fun things for me to do.

The town was called La Harpe, Illinois, and I am not even sure it’s still around.

The sign coming into town said the population was 1,200, but my dad said that was not accurate. By the time I was spending my summers there, La Harpe was only about three or four hundred people. There was an old park in the middle of town, a couple of places to eat, a gas station, a grocery store, and a drug store. That was it! Luckily the drug store sold comic books, so at least I had something to do. Despite all of that, I remember Illinois very fondly. Illinois was where I got my first taste of cannabis, from a local kid that was growing a patch of plants near the railroad tracks. Perhaps inspired by the movie Stand By Me, and fueled by boredom, I would spend hours walking the railroad tracks around La Harpe, Illinois. On one of my treks I came across a small patch of cannabis plants that were so close to harvesting I could smell them from a hundred yards away. I met a teenager named Matt, who was about to harvest the cannabis, and offered to give me some if I helped him. With a head full of marijuana smoke, I started viewing Illinoius in a whole different way! Thanks to Matt and his cannabis, the remainder of my summer vacations in remote Illinois were a lot of fun.



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