Witnessing the Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm and Fall Fest

I am an avid traveler who can proudly boast of traveling across different parts of the planet.

In all of my travel experiences, nothing impresses me more than culture and festivals that identify the core of a people. There Is no better way to learn more about a community, whether civilized or not, than to be a part of what they do regularly. One of my closest friends understood this too well and was eager to invite me to places where such festivals were held. This time around, she was eager to have me attend one in her hometown. This was the famous Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm and Fall Fest in Orland Park. This was a tradition that had run for four decades, and the town’s people looked forward to the festival every year. I was fortunate to have been around at the time it happened, thank my friend’s invite. It runs from September 25 and November 1 and often includes all kinds of fun for all people. I had never seen so many pumpkins in life before, not to mention I had so much fun since I was a kid. This was the perfect place to let go of all your worries and embrace your inner child. The food was just out of this world, and by the time I had to go back to my hotel room, I knew that I would not have anything at the hotel. All I wanted was to take a hot shower and turn on the heater to keep myself warm. Instead, I got a portable heater which was not what I expected for this kind of hotel. When I left two days later, I ensured to note that they needed a better heating system for guests.


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Taking our fitness a notch higher

Having been active all our lives, it was not surprising that we chose to pursue a career path that aligned with our passion.

My brothers and I are great fitness fanatics because we spend every first few minutes of our waking hours working out.

Not only that, but we also earn from being fit. We love to run around, and we were happy that this was something we could do when we visited Eugene, OR, for a break. We work as professional athlete trainers and run a gym back home. We love taking long breaks just to recharge and reorganize for the next season. It was a great idea that one of our biggest fans suggested going to Eigene because they also knew we loved to enjoy a puff or two of cannabis. They followed us privately and suggested that we would love Eugene since cannabis was legal here and that we could walk into any cannabis dispensary of our choice and buy what we needed. All they needed was proof that we were of the game, and that would not be a problem. Our first night here was uneventful as we got to enjoy a long night of undisturbed sleep just as we had planned. The next morning we were up early and ready to hit the track. We warmed up in the resort’s gym and were off for the next hour and a half. By the time we were getting back, we had taken a warm shower before taking breakfast. The plan was to check out the dispensaries a little moment after breakfast, and we were looking forward to that.

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Visiting the Denver art Museum

Ever since I had that fatal accident three years ago, I made a promise to myself that I would do everything I wanted when I still had time. It was a scary moment for my parents and siblings as I slipped in and out of a comma. At some point, the doctors almost gave up on me, but I kept fighting. Thankfully, I got out of it alive and strong and with a resolve to enjoy life more because I never knew when I would actually go for good. Before the life-changing moment, I had been fearful and reserved about doing some things. In fact, I could always chicken out of seemingly difficult situations last minute. However, this accident changed everything. I would try everything I ever wished for, including smoking cannabis. So when my dad suggested a trip to Denver, I quickly looked it up. We shared a love for art, and the suggestion to visit the Denver art museum was great for both of us. He wanted us to bond, so I agreed on the condition that he would allow me to get some cannabis at the dispensaries in Denver since it was legal there. Surprisingly, he did not object and even remarked that it would be a great way to remember the old campus days. After our trip to the museum, we passed by a joint back to the hotel and bought a few products. Later that evening, after dinner, we relaxed and enjoyed smoking the cannabis we had bought earlier. It was a relaxed evening that I look back to and mark as one of the best reflective moments with my dad. It was pretty cool hanging out with him in this manner. It may have been different, but it was still good.

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Spokane Falls are a must-visit in summer

I love beautiful places and would pay a fortune just to be in a palace with positive vibes.

I had done it many times, so I budgeted for and even looked forward to every year when I took my annual leave from work.

I had Spokane, WA, on my list for a few months now, and I kept checking the different attractions in the area. One thing was clear, and that was the Spokane falls. I loved the beautiful falls formed around the Spokane river, especially the fact the falls formed a heart shape. It was a beautiful scene, and many reviewers seemed to have enjoyed it thoroughly. I was eager to visit and wanted to do it as soon as I could. Someone recommended that the best time to visit would be in summer when the weather was warm enough for you to experience the magical water splash and refreshing breeze. I decided to go with these recommendations and even booked my stay at a nearby motel since I wanted to be there for a weekend. It was great and beautiful, but when I went back to my motel, I realized that it was too hot. The little room had a portable AC that I tried to turn on, but that could not help much. I am not sure if the summer was just too harsh that season or something was off in the motel; all I know is that when you choose to visit around the same time, make sure to book a hotel with decent air conditioning for maximum comfort.

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My boyfriend bought me some fantastic scented candles

I moved back home after college to live with my parents.

It was proving quite challenging to find work. My dad ran a construction business, and I decided to help out. It all began as a part-time affair, but soon I found out I liked the work. So, I ditched my efforts to find a white-collar job and began to work for my dad full time. It was not the easiest thing to do because I had to start at the button. But with time, I became more skilled, and dad gave me more responsibilities. Finally, I came to a place where I could afford to move into my apartment. The day I moved in, my boyfriend came by to give me a gift and spend the night. Inside the gift bag was a lovely card and some CBD-scented candles that he knew I loved. Since weed is legal in Santa Barbara, it was not hard for him to find some at our local pot shop. I opened up one of the candles and lit it as we prepared dinner. We had plans to get married and live together one day. But at that moment, things were perfect as they were. He was doing good stuff at his place of work, and I was slowly taking over from my dad, who planned to retire soon. A woman in construction was not easy, but I had beaten the odds and was doing a fantastic job at it. My boyfriend and I spent the night talking about our plans and planning a long overdue vacation. We wanted to see the world and finally had the finances to take our first trip in the coming summer.

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Dad made me go with him to the Blue Grass Fishing Spot

Living with my dad was a change of pace.

He was more relaxed and not into too many extracurricular activities.

That left me with plenty of time to practice with my band. I missed my mom, but she had landed a great job in another country. My parents were divorced, and at first, I lived with my mom. But they agreed that I should remain with dad when mom left. His house was lovely, and I had a huge room. He took great care of the home, which had an energy-efficient AC system. Evansville was known for its hot summer and bitter winter seasons. Dad had a massive company in the city, which he had built from nothing to something great in his industry. One morning, he came to the kitchen and announced we should spend the week together. I think he felt like he had neglected me in a way because of coming home late. But, I did not mind at all. I asked him what he wanted us to do, and he suggested we go fishing. We had not been fishing together in a long time, and I felt excited. I had to call my friends to cancel our rehearsal. They were not too thrilled, but I wanted to go fishing with my dad. We went to the Blue Grass fishing spot, which was one of the loveliest places in Evansville. We had to have a fishing permit to gain access which dad had already taken care of. We gathered out fishing equipment and got on the truck. It took me back to when I was a young kid, and we would go fishing all the time. I was happy we were doing things together again.

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My mom-in-law took the kids to the zoo

My husband came home the other day with news that we were going on a trip.

He told me it was my decision where we would go since he had managed to secure three weeks off work.

It was summer, and this was quite rare. His boss relied on him a lot, but we also needed to spend time as a family. I thought about the best place to go and even spoke with the kids. We all agreed we missed grandma and wanted to visit her. My husband’s mother was the best, and we had a great relationship. I called her to find out if we could go visit her soon. She was so thrilled and told me that it was the best gift ever. It was settled. We were all going to Denver to visit my mom-in-law. Instead of waiting for us at the house, she rented a van and came to pick us up at the airport. We all hugged and packed into the van heading home. Mom told the kids she planned a feast for them. We all loved her cooking and knew it was going to be the thing ever. She had her cleaning lady over that day, and she was busy arranging the table when we pulled up. We all washed our hands and helped ourselves to large portions of the food. I was so stuffed after that I went straight to bed. The following morning, mom said she was taking the kids to the zoo all day, so my husband and I were free to enjoy some CBD candies she’d gotten us and relax by the pool. That is exactly what we did for the rest of the day.



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Buffalo New York is a fabulous place

Despite the fact that every winter has newspaper headlines that include the freezing temperatures in Buffalo New York, Buffalo is still an amazing place to visit or to live and work.

When many people think of New York, they only think of New York City, but New York is much more than that. New York is a huge state that includes the city, Long Island, and what is commonly called upstate New York. The biggest city in Upstate New York is Buffalo. Buffalo is really close to Lake Erie, and is part of Erie County. Because of the location, Buffalo is definitely bitter cold in the winter. News channels around the country will focus on Buffalo New York when they cover the winter weather. There is lots of snowfall and lots of wind that comes off the lake. If someone lives in Buffalo, New York, he or she definitely needs a strong heating system. There are more Heating and Cooling Industries in Buffalo than there are restaurants. Despite that, Buffalo is an amazing place. Below has a small-town feel even in this day and age. For a long winter’s days spent inside, legal marijuana can help pass the time. Enjoying some legal recreational cannabis in a movie theater is not unheard-of. Even though this seems like a very liberal attitude. Not everyone in Buffalo is left-leaning. Sometimes the liberal and conservative political groups have conflict with one another, but for the most part, everyone in Buffalo lives peacefully with everyone else. Get a fabulous furnace, and you will live a fabulous life in Buffalo, New York.

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