Author: Jorge

I really love going to visit the FL Aquarium

I have been in love with the FL aquarium in Tampa, since my family and I moved here when I was a kid. I really fell in love with the aquarium. My mom took me every weekend to see the aquatic animals. I loved looking at the sharks and jellyfish all day. I am sure […]

Get the passes for Tampa

My partner Pat and I decided to take the 3 adolescents to Tampa last weekend. Every one of us had not been to Tampa in quite a long time and both of us wanted to take the adolescents to a special place before the new Spring semester began. Since both of us were in the […]

I was shocked when my parents moved to Tampa

My mom and dad called a family meeting last Wednesday evening. My mom made us her world famous lasagna with three-meat sauce and extra provolone cheese. My sister Beth and I talked earlier in the week. Beth and I were anxious that our mom and dad were going to supply us some really terrible news. […]

The Outback bowl is in Tampa, Florida

Outback Bowl takes place in Tampa, FL and attracts thousands of tourists each Winter time season. The game has been played every year since 1986. The headline university football game attracts waves of tourists and it is one of the busiest weekends of the year in my eating establishment. My brother Bob and I own […]