Author: Jorge

Witnessing the Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm and Fall Fest

I am an avid traveler who can proudly boast of traveling across different parts of the planet. In all of my travel experiences, nothing impresses me more than culture and festivals that identify the core of a people. There Is no better way to learn more about a community, whether civilized or not, than to […]

Taking our fitness a notch higher

Having been active all our lives, it was not surprising that we chose to pursue a career path that aligned with our passion. My brothers and I are great fitness fanatics because we spend every first few minutes of our waking hours working out. Not only that, but we also earn from being fit. We […]

Visiting the Denver art Museum

Ever since I had that fatal accident three years ago, I made a promise to myself that I would do everything I wanted when I still had time. It was a scary moment for my parents and siblings as I slipped in and out of a comma. At some point, the doctors almost gave up […]

Spokane Falls are a must-visit in summer

I love beautiful places and would pay a fortune just to be in a palace with positive vibes. I had done it many times, so I budgeted for and even looked forward to every year when I took my annual leave from work. I had Spokane, WA, on my list for a few months now, […]

My mom-in-law took the kids to the zoo

My husband came home the other day with news that we were going on a trip. He told me it was my decision where we would go since he had managed to secure three weeks off work. It was summer, and this was quite rare. His boss relied on him a lot, but we also […]

Buffalo New York is a fabulous place

Despite the fact that every winter has newspaper headlines that include the freezing temperatures in Buffalo New York, Buffalo is still an amazing place to visit or to live and work. When many people think of New York, they only think of New York City, but New York is much more than that. New York […]