Author: Jorge

Attending NHL games in Tampa

I know that it’s difficult to maintain a solid sheet of ice because of the heat and humidity My husband and I are avid hockey fans and really attending NHL games. Living in the northeastern part of the country, getting to the stadium can be just about impossible. It’s necessary to brush the snow off […]

The rich history of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a city located on the picturesque Gulf Coast in Florida. Along with sandy beaches and a vibrant art scene, a rich history has an impact on the state. From its origin as a pioneer settlement to growing into a cultural and economic hub, the city has come a long way since the […]

Trying to workout outdoors is difficult due to severe weather

The weather in Springield, Missouri, is quite unpredictable. We experience everything from below-freezing temperatures and snow to hight heat, excess humidity, violent winds and rain. I try to keep active and take good care of myself. I’m hoping to stay strong, healthy and in good shape as I grow older. Along with eating right, drinking […]

Places to eat in Sioux Falls

In recent years, Sioux Falls, South Dakota has steadily built a reputation as a culinary destination. The diverse food scene appeals travelers passing through as well as locals looking for something new and fresh. There is a wide array of restaurants offering a menu to suit every preference. Found in downtown Sioux Falls, The Market […]

Summer is busy in Sioux Falls

Living In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, I wait a long time for the snow melt and warmer weather to finally arrive. Nestled in the heart of the Great Plains, the area is known for brutal winters and mild summers. I know to make the most of the months of June, July and August. After that, […]

Surprised by winters in South Bend

When my husband and I purchased our home in South Bend, Indiana, we were charmed by the hardwood floors, big windows, high ceilings and wide front porch. We loved the historical features of a home built in the late 1800’s. We were thrilled with the amount of property, privacy and gorgeous views. Coming from the […]

Things to do in Tuscaloosa

The city of Tuscaloosa is located in the heart of Alabama and is known for exemplifying southern char. The community is a perfect blend of culture, rich history, a vibrant college scene and beautiful landscapes. The University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa offers stately buildings, a picturesque campus and the Bryant-Denny Stadium which is famous […]

Shopping Phoenix cannabis dispensary for rosin

Just a couple of years ago, Arizona finally legalized recreational cannabis. Anyone age 21+, with a valid identification, can shop at the local dispensaries. I am delighted to finally have access to the nearby weed shops in Phoenix. There are quite a few within a short drive from my home and each offers a diversity […]