Author: Jorge

The benefits of cannabis vapes

They are wonderfully discreet, portable and easy It took me a while to get around to vaping. I have always enjoyed smoking traditional flower. Now that medicinal and recreational cannabis are both legal in New York State, I’m able to purchase lab-tested oil from a licensed dispensary. I have access to a wide selection of […]

Cannabis for an active lifestyle

Living in Denver offers the benefits of different seasons, gorgeous landscapes and plenty of activities. The city is absolutely beautiful. I am an avid skier, hiker, cyclist and runner. I appreciate all that the area provides. I am thankful that Colorado has legalized recreational weed. I like to take a small hit off a pipe […]

Learning to appreciate vapes

I have just recently become a fan of cannabis vapes. I always preferred smoking cured flower. I liked to roll my own joint, light up, sit back and enjoy. I have enough experience to choose premium flower and the skills to create a proper joint. However, the process is time-consuming and messy. It creates waste […]

We went up the mountain for snow skiing and it was cold

Sometimes during the winter months, my friends and I drive into the national forest so we can go skiing and snowboarding. Skiing and snowboarding are some of my favorite activities during the winter months. It really doesn’t snow at all in Rocklin, California, where I work and live. It does, however, snow a great deal […]

Marijuana dispensaries are like drug stores here

My state of Oregon allows for recreational cannabis. What is funny is that people who don’t live in a recreational weed state don’t get it. They find marijuana so amazing. If they happen to come and visit me, they immediately want to see a dispensary. For me, going to the cannabis dispensary is like going […]

The Nevada National Parks

My husband and I are big time hikers. Anytime we go on vacation, the hikes offer a big deal to us. I have taken us overseas and stateside and found some amazing hikes. I recently did a trip that spanned Utah and Nevada. My husband and I wanted to hit the National Parks there. We […]

Cannabis changed my opinion of Illinois

As a kid in smalltown Illinois there were not a whole lot of fun things for me to do. The town was called La Harpe, Illinois, and I am not even sure it’s still around. The sign coming into town said the population was 1,200, but my dad said that was not accurate. By the […]