There was no AC in the bus today and it was packed

My friends and I decided to take the bus to Chicago one morning. We planned to spend the whole day hanging out downtown and then we were going to take the last bus back to Elgin later in the afternoon. My friends and I did not have any classes on that wednesday. It was the day before Thanksgiving break and we thought it might be fun to spend the day in the city instead of hanging out at the campus. It was an uncommonly warm day and temperatures were easily in the ’80s. I wore a pair of shorts that day, but one of my friends wore jeans and he was uncomfortable. We walked around the city and went to some places that we wanted to visit. We waited at the corner by the museum so we could take the last bus back to Elgin, Illinois. The bus was packed with people at the end of the day. Some people were finishing up their day at the office and others were in the city having fun like my friends and i. The bus was extremely crowded and there was no AC at all. It was warm and the smell was unpleasant. The lack of AC was bad, but the driver would not let anyone open the windows for safety reasons. We tried to get the driver to open up her window, but she resisted. We drove all the way to Elgin without any AC and it was miserable the whole way. I can’t remember a time when I was more happy to get back to my apartment in Elgin, Illinois.



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