Learning to appreciate vapes

I have just recently become a fan of cannabis vapes.

I always preferred smoking cured flower.

I liked to roll my own joint, light up, sit back and enjoy. I have enough experience to choose premium flower and the skills to create a proper joint. However, the process is time-consuming and messy. It creates waste and requires extra gear. There are times when lighting up is either inconvenient or not possible. Living in Thousand Oaks, I have my choice of dispensaries and consumption methods. The local weed shops carry every brand and strain I could ever want. When I expressed my concerns with smoking to a budtender, she recommended trying a disposable vape pen. I was intrigued by the compact packaging. I liked that the pen fit into my pocket and could be thrown away when I was finished with it. I didn’t expect to enjoy the experience as much as traditional smoking. I was surprised to discover that vaping cannabis provides an elevated level of flavor. Because there is no combustion, more of the desirable terpenes remain intact. Plus, there is less risk of carcinogens, making vaping easier on my lungs. I simply press a button and inhale. The minimal amount of smoke dissipates almost immediately and there’s no odor. The dispensary carries an impressive selection of vape options. I can choose from disposable and refillable carts of all potency levels. There are sativas, indicas and hybrids of a diversity of flavors. I get the same quick onset of effects as with smoking flower but with none of the drawbacks. While I will always prefer to relax with a joint, I now appreciate the simplicity of vapes as well.

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