I called to get an estimate on a dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are machines that remove the humidity and moisture from the air.

  • Most dehumidifiers need some type of ventilation.

I knew that a dehumidifier could help my air conditioner work better. Down here in the south, we have a lot of trouble with humidity. I live in Lakeland, Florida, and I am very close to the water. There is always a lot of moisture inside of the air and it can make it very difficult for the air conditioner to work properly. I contacted a Lakeland HVAC business to get an estimate on a dehumidifier. I was planning to get a dehumidifier that was part of my heating and AC system, but the Lakeland contractor told me about a couple of other ideas that would work out too. The Lakeland contractor suggested two additional mini-split AC units with dehumidifier features. This would give me two dehumidifiers as well as extra AC units four times during the summer when the temperatures are 100° or higher. The cost of the two mini split AC units with dehumidifiers was less than the cost of adding a whole home dehumidifier. I was happy that I called the Lakeland heating and AC Service to help me with making the decision. I thought that I wanted one thing, but they made me realize that there were a lot more options out there that could work. When my family comes to visit in the summer, they’re going to be surprised by the new updates and upgrades. My sister always complains about the indoor temperatures here in Lakeland, but the two ductless mini split air conditioners with dehumidifiers are going to get rid of the excess moisture.


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