I drive to Philadelphia for the best prices on medical marijuana

I regularly suffer from PTSD and panic attacks.

When I feel overwhelmed, I have trouble staying on track.

Sometimes I feel like I want to crawl into a hole and never come back out. The feelings of sadness and despair can be overwhelming at times. I used to take a pill every single day to help stabilize my mood, but now I regularly use medical marijuana instead. Medical marijuana was legalized in the state of Pennsylvania back in 2016. The governor signed the rule into law stating that all citizens of the state of Pennsylvania can have access to medical marijuana if they have one of the qualifying conditions. These conditions include PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, dementia, muscle spasms and so much more. In 2018, the first marijuana dispensary opened up in the capital city of Harrisburg. Since then, there have been more and more marijuana shops opening up across the state. One place with a great selection and good prices on marijuana is Philadelphia. The city is easily the biggest in the state. There are more than 20 different medical marijuana dispensaries between the northern part of the city and the southern part of the city. There is one marijuana dispensary in particular that I like to visit. It is located downtown by Logan square. The marijuana dispensary always has a huge selection of edibles. Edibles are great to have on the go and they help stabilize my mood and keep me calm. I like the gummies and the hard candy, but I have also tried cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and space cake.



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