I’m always meeting new people in Las Vegas

One of my favorite things about living in Las Vegas is being able to meet new people every day, people who come from all around the country and the world.

Las Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations in the country – and why wouldn’t it be? This place is amazing! People come here specifically to have fun and get crazy, which means I get to meet new people at their most uninhibited.

I work the front counter at one of the many Las Vegas cannabis dispensaries during the Graveyard Shift. That means from midnight to daybreak I am in the cannabis dispensary, talking to the wild and crazy tourists of Las Vegas. For the most part all of our clients are polite and friendly, but in a town like Las Vegas there are always some people who take things too far. This is why every cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas has a security guard working the front door. Nobody ever starts a fight or causes a scene because of too much cannabis, these people are always coming in drunk from a Las Vegas casino. Usually the guard won’t even let them in the shop, but I also keep the Las Vegas Police Department on speed dial, just in case. One thing that tourists don’t realize about Las Vegas is that we are very chill, and cut tourists a lot of slack. Las Vegas is a very forgiving town. But when you cross the line and get rowdy with a Las Vegas local, the cops will take you down fast.

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