The only thing Portland lacks is surfing

Other than a lack of surfing, Portland is the perfect city for me.

The shore is only a two hour drive through the mountains, so I can still go surfing on weekends. When I lived further south I would hit the surf almost every day of the week before I went to work. Those days are behind me, I’m afraid, but I’m not complaining because otherwise Portland, Oregon has everything I need for a happy life. Besides, the water in Oregon is so dang cold surfing isn’t as fun as it used to be. My name is Mike, and I manage one of the many cannabis dispensaries in Portland, Oregon. I moved here some years ago to attend the University of Portland, and I got a part-time job at the cannabis dispensary to pay my expenses. Two years later I had dropped out of school and was working at the cannabis dispensary full time. In Portland locally grown cannabis is big business! I made the choice to drop out of the University of Portland because it was costing money, and working here was making money. I’m no math expert, but making a paycheck instead of accumulating student debt seemed like a no-brainer. Now I am the cannabis dispensary manager, and I enjoy a great life in Portland… all except the surfing. One day my goal is to open my own cannabis dispensary on the coast of Oregon. As much as I like living in Portland, I would love to live out my last days on the shore, near the wild surf.
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