That was a strange incident

A lot of tourists are not accustomed to the chilly temperatures plus high altitude in Denver, Colorado, but each year there are at least a dozen people that end up in the emergency room because they did not dress properly for the chilly temperatures, i have been laboring in a local Denver hospital for the past 6 years.

I labor in the emergency room plus I have seen a lot of weird accidents while in my time at the hospital, however since Denver has a lot of chilly weather, a lot of cases while in the Winter time season are hypothermia problems, and last week, a twenty-year-old child came to the emergency room plus his core body temperature was only 83 degrees, the child went to a cannabis dispensary plus purchased an Infused marijuana joint.

Cannabis is legal here, however that does not stop kids from doing stupid things. The child smoked the entire infused marijuana joint from the local dispensary. Then his friends dared him to walk around the loft naked in his bare feet, while the child was outside naked, he tripped plus fell. He hit his head plus passed out in the snow. His friends did not assume he was gone for an hour. When they found the kid, he was practically orange. They brought him to the ER just in the nick of time. The child slowly warmed up plus rereceived color in his lips, face, plus fingers. He stayed in the hospital for several days after that accident. It’s dangerous to use cannabis when you don’t feel how it will affect you. It’s even more dangerous to dare your friends to perform stupid acts.

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