Summer is busy in Sioux Falls

Living In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, I wait a long time for the snow melt and warmer weather to finally arrive.

Nestled in the heart of the Great Plains, the area is known for brutal winters and mild summers.

I know to make the most of the months of June, July and August. After that, the weather starts cooling off again. While the summers are short, the climate is ideal for outdoor activities available. The temperature typically ranges between the mid-seventies and low-eighties, and humidity isn’t a problem. Every summer, a trip to Falls Park is a must. With Big Sioux River flowing over gorgeous quartzite cliffs, breathtaking wateralls and vibrant green spaces, it’s the ideal spot for picnics or just relaxing. Plus, the gentle waters of Big Sioux River are ideal for paddleboarding, canoeing or kayaking. When I want to get my heart pumping, I head to one of the any bike trails that wind through the city. The Sioux Falls Greenway travels thirty miles along the riverbanks. The views are amazing and I always spot a variety of bird species. Every now and then, it’s nice to leave the hustle and bustle of regular life behind and fully embrace the outdoors The nearby state parks allow a variety of camping facilities. During the summer, the downtown streets of the city become an open-air art gallery It’s called Sculpture Walk and provides for a constantly changing collection of sculptures created by both local and international artists. There’s also plenty of outdoor concerts happening as long as the weather allows. The Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Festival and the Festival of Cultures are a couple of events I look forward to all year. The food, music and overall atmosphere is so much fun.


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