Trying to workout outdoors is difficult due to severe weather

The weather in Springield, Missouri, is quite unpredictable.

We experience everything from below-freezing temperatures and snow to hight heat, excess humidity, violent winds and rain.

I try to keep active and take good care of myself. I’m hoping to stay strong, healthy and in good shape as I grow older. Along with eating right, drinking plenty of water and keeping to a strict sleep schedule, I workout every morning. I devote approximately an hour to a variety of exercises. After a dedicated warmup, I make sure to incorporate high-intensity aerobics, strength training, static holds and balance exercises. While I have a small home gym set up in an unused bedroom, I prefer to take my workout outdoors. The fresh air gets me motivated. I like to go for long runs, ride my bike or even drag a yoga mat outside and jump rope. Unfortunately, the severe weather conditions in Springfield make spending time outdoors somewhat challenging. It’s difficult to know how to dress when I head out on a run. For the temperatures in the high eighties and brutal humidity, I have shorts and tank tops that wick away moisture. In the summer, I attempt to workout as early as possible to avoid the heat of the day. However, it’s not unusual to get caught in a sudden downpour. I have also invested into clothes to keep me dry when it’s raining. I have thin layers that hold in body heat for the chilly days. I worry about running in the fall because the wet leaves turn slippery. I am unable to run in the winter once there is too much snow on the ground and the temperature drops into the forties. For the majority of the year, I’m stuck inside running on the treadmill or riding the stationary bike. At least, I have a lovely view from the window.


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