Seattle has bad weather

My whole family is a huge fan of hockey, but my brothers played on two odd teams a piece all throughout school; Every weekend both of us would go to hockey tournaments & over the Summer it was all about hockey, and basically during hockey season that was the only thing you could watch in person & on TV… I am still a die difficult fan.

  • My number one is when a new team is formed.

I remember when the Las Vegas team was formed. It is neat because every team has to supply up a player, they can only protect so numerous players from being drafted into the new team… So that means certain key players that haven’t absolutely gotten much attention in later years get to shine on a new team. Vegas kicked butt the year they formed. This new Seattle Kraken has formed in WA. My whole family was super happy to see what players got picked. My ultimate number one player on the Tampa Bay team was Yanni Gourde; He is now the center for the Seattle Kraken. He is super rough & mouthy. I just savor him. My family bought tickets instantly & made it a trip to visit Seattle WA to see the entirely first Seattle Kraken game. I savor that the mascot is a kraken. I savor the team colors & jerseys. The team is doing absolutely well this year so far. I assume they are going to get a opportunity for the playoffs & then a possible Stanley Cup contender. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

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