My parents were born and raised in Glenville, IL

I have lived in the south for my entire life.

  • I don’t suppose what a life with snow and decreasing seasons is like.

I mean, it isn’t like the two of us don’t have a winter, but it lasts a couple weeks and then it goes back to being hot. The summer time is just hotter than the rest of the year. Mom and Mom have been doing a lot of talk about Glenville, IL. I knew that is where my Grandparents lived, although I had never visited; Mom was saying how my Grandma missed us and wanted us to come visit. She and Grandpa had visited quite often, but my Grandpa recently died of Covid-19. Grandma couldn’t travel alone because he didn’t drive. Mom packed us all up , and the two of us headed to Glenville, IL. I was going to get to see my Grandma on mom’s side of the family, and my Grandpa from Mom’s side. I laughed when they were all blissful the two of us had our shots and could finally visit again. Even though it was summer time I noticed a immense difference in the temperature. It wasn’t so much cooler, but the humidity was tolerable. Grandma and Grandpa had a/c in their homes, so it was comfortable, then the funny thing was that Grandma only had a window air conditioner in the living area and one in his family room. She said they never had much use for central a/c. Before Grandpa died, he barely turned the a/c on. I appreciated it so much in Glenville, IL, that I asked if I could go to college here. Grandma said I could stay with her, since the college was just a mile away. Mom and Mom didn’t agree or disagree although I suppose I’ll be moving to Glenville, IL.


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