My brother had only seen the Golden Gate Bridge in pictures and videos

My parents were not too happy with me when I chose to go to California for college.

But it was time to cut the cord.

Otherwise, I’d never been able to do anything I wanted with my life. For a while, our relationship was strained, but finally, they came around. They saw that I was thriving in San Francisco and said they’d come to visit one day. Unfortunately, that day never came because they passed away in a car accident. I had gotten a job after graduation when this happened and was living in an apartment downtown. My aunt wanted to take in my brother, but I asked him to live with me. He was nineteen years old but did not want to go to college. My brother agreed to move, and we sold our home. The change was not easy for him because he was not accustomed to the busy city life. We had grown up in a quiet small town and rarely went to the city. So, to make him more comfortable, I arranged for us to visit different sights. One place he wanted to go was the Golden Gate Bridge. He was dabbling in photography and wanted to take some images of the surrounding views. You should have seen his face when he saw the bridge for the first time. He’d only seen it in pictures and videos or movies. We spent hours there taking pictures and talking about his future. Later he took me to a weed dispensary since one of my oils was over. I’d told him before the move that marijuana was legal in San Francisco.

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