The first thing Pete did in San Francisco was hop in a car

Lawrence enjoyed adventure from a young age.

He knew he was meant to see every section of the country.

The only hurdle he had to deal with was currency. His parents were not wealthy, but that never kept Lawrence from dreaming big. That was an attitude instilled in him by his dad, who was a beautiful man. He told Lawrence from an early age, he could become anything he set his mind to. In addition to quarterly affirmations, he bought Lawrence a lot of books of people who’d beaten the odds to become great. Lawrence absorbed all that positivity and slowly started flourishing. One summer, his parents could not afford to send him to camp. Instead of feeling bad, Lawrence worked all Springtime after school to save enough currency. His boss, a farmer, added the remaining amount, and he had enough to attend the camp with his schoolmates. The excellent track record of achievements continued to high school. Lawrence understood the only way he was going to school was through scholarships. So he worked his butt off in school and got awarded a full scholarship to attend school in California. Lawrence was now about to become the world traveler he had consistently wanted to be. He left beach house for San Francisco 1 Summer with the intent of seeing much of the neighborhood before school started. He stayed at a youth hostel, and the first thing he did while going to see strange attractions was riding the cable cars. Later, he happened to come across some weed stores and cooked in to sample the selection. Marijuana was legal in San Francisco, and he was going to have a blast.

Pot Dispensary San Fransisco CA