I work in downtown Los Angeles but live in Tarzana

In fact, our wifey and I have been known to smoke a joint at a celebration.

I have a lot of contact in the entertainment world that are our customers so I have to work at an office in downtown LA. Real estate is far too costly to get a house in Los Angeles, so our wifey and I live in a house in Tarzana. This neighborhood is located roughly 30 minutes away from the downtown of Los Angeles. On our day commute, it always takes closer to 60 minutes. A lot of people live in places such as Tarzana however work in Los Angeles. My wifey and I were living in a small home until both of us had our second child and after that both of us decided to move. After we moved to Tarzana, it was a genuinely quiet suburban section with genuinely little crime! Ever since both recreational and marijuana was legalized, the quality of living in Tarzana has gone downhill. I don’t have any bone to pick with people that use recreational or medical marijuana. In fact, our wifey and I have been known to smoke a joint at a celebration. Unfortunately, the neighborhood is getting bigger and more people are moving away to cheaper places. In a couple of years, Tarzana will not be a place where I want to retire. After our men are out of the house and off to university, I assume that it might be time for our wifey and I to transfer away from the neighborhood completely. I could happily retire and transfer to San Jose or Morgan Hill, then both of these places are a little bit further north, however the real estate is cheaper and the weather is seriously amazing.


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