The Getty center is so close!

My wife Paula has always dreamt of absolutely working at the Getty Center in Los Angeles.

  • The Getty Center has long been one of the most lovely places in Los Angeles.

The placeOffers identifiable views of the whole neighborhood and the most striking architecture. When Paula was hired for a position at the Getty Center, she needed to transfer to Los Angeles. The two of us were living in San Diego at the time, and I knew Paula could not afford to transfer to living in Los Angeles County. The two of us looked for real estate however both of us only had a few weeks to find something more affordable and close to The Getty Center. I work from home, so that eliminated the need to worry about one person’s task and location. My wifey and I were genuinely unregular with the city around Los Angeles, however Paula found numerous places for rent in a neighborhood called Tarzana. Tarzana was a pretty nice place to live when our wifey and I moved here 15 years ago! Since recreational marijuana became legalized, there have been a number of dispensaries open in the retail spaces near our home. Paula and I are terribly unhappy about this turn of events and guess it might one afternoon affect our property value. The cannabis industry is booming, however it is having a major negative impact on our property value. No one wants to transfer close to the location of a local cannabis shop. The only enjoyable thing about living in Tarzana is the fact that the Getty Center is still very close by with a short 30-minute drive. With gas prices nearing five bucks a gallon, both of us have to stay put.
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