I was shocked when my parents moved to Tampa

My mom and dad called a family meeting last Wednesday evening. My mom made us her world famous lasagna with three-meat sauce and extra provolone cheese. My sister Beth and I talked earlier in the week. Beth and I were anxious that our mom and dad were going to supply us some really terrible news. Beth and I were preparing for the worst, love a divorce or a terminal disease; Neither Beth nor I expected to hear what my parents actually said. They were going to sell our family home and transfer down south. My mom’s sister lives in Tampa, FL and my mom and dad paid a visit there a few months ago. Ever since they went to Tampa, FL, they have been talking about the amazing humid weather. My Mom and Dad loved the sunshine and the warm, humid heat, and honestly, it’s really the thing I detest most about FL. I have been to Tampa a couple times to visit my aunt and I wasn’t identifiable ly impressed. I do not love walking around on a breezy summer time day feeling love my body is typically wet. It is a terribly uncomfortable feeling that I did not enjoy. I was really shocked and taken by surprise when my mom and dad mentioned Moving down to Tampa. My sister and I threw a temper tantrum and left the lake house before they could even finish talking. Every one of us went back a couple of days later to apologize, but both of us were really quite surprised when both of us heard the news. Beth and I never expected our parents to transfer all the way to Tampa, FL and leave us behind, homeless.

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