My air conditioning died and It’s 100 degrees.

I wish my husband and I had done our homework about how hot it got in the middle of summer when we moved to Cocoa, FL.

  • We already lived in Florida, so I should have known it would be hot, but I had always lived in central Florida.

Cocoa, FL was close to the beach, and I thought the breeze from the water would keep it cooler. I was wrong to assume this of Cocoa. It was just as hot here than it was anywhere else in the state. I had to admit that Cocoa was a beautiful city, but the climate was the same as anywhere else we had lived. When our air conditioning unit died, I was opening up windows, looking for a breeze off the beach. We could see the beach from our patio, but it wasn’t helping me. I called an HVAC company, but no one had showed up yet to repair the air conditioning. I had my son put on his swimming trunks while I packed a light lunch. We walked down to Cocoa Beach so he could play in the water. The HVAC company was going to call when the service tech was on the way. We spent two hours playing on the beach and eating lunch, before my son complained he was getting tired. We got into the house just as my phone started to ring. The HVAC technician was on his way to repair our air conditioning. It was nice to be able to go to the beach where the ocean kept it cooler, while we were waiting. I couldn’t have done that at our other home.

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