We lost the bag with all of our marijuana

My best friend and I talked about going to the beach and when we had a couple of days off work, we decided to go.

We took plenty of supplies with us for our three-day trip.

I made sure that I had enough clothes, swimwear, shoes, and all of the sunscreen that I would need for the beach. I also make sure to pack plenty of recreational marijuana supplies. I did not want to run out of recreational marijuana, because the closest place was going to be San Francisco and the prices on marijuana in San Francisco are higher than the prices where I live. I packed a half ounce of dried marijuana flower and I had to vape pen car repairs that were each one gram. Each one of the cartridges were already open, but they were still pretty full. I had all of the marijuana supplies in a bag. The bag was inside of my backpack. On the very first day of our vacation, I left the front pocket of the bag open and I lost the bag that had all of the recreational marijuana supplies. We didn’t have any choice except to contact a San Francisco marijuana dispensary. Thankfully we found a place that would deliver. We were easily 40 minutes away from the store, but they still delivered to the address. We scheduled for the delivery a day ahead of time and they brought the supplies directly to the hotel where we were staying. I never did find the bag again. I must have dropped it out on the beach.


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