I think that Portland is a great place to live most of the time

Most of the time, I really think that Portland, Oregon, is a really nice place to live.For the past ten years, I have been living here, and I really love it most of the time.

  • I was looking to relocate my home and my family and find a new job to start over with.

Ten years ago, Portland wasn’t even on my short list of places that I thought I wanted to live. I was actually looking somewhere in the desert or in the mountains. I kind of wanted to live somewhere that was warm all year, but when I was looking into the job market around the Portland area, I realized that Portland was actually the type of place that I wanted to raise my family. Since I work in the technology industry, Portland was a really good place for me to find work. There are lots of smaller electronic companies located in the Silicon Forest area in Portland. It was easy for me to find a great job in the technology industry once we moved here. Over the past five years, I have realized that there is a good reason that people keep moving to the Portland area. This city really has a great community and a little bit of a small town feel to it. The community in the city alone is a great reason to want to live here for many people. There are lots of different kinds of food and museums, and there’s lots of art and culture here too. When you add in the fact that cannabis dispensaries are legal here and easily accessible, it is a no brainer to realize that Portland is a great place to live.


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