The school called because Jack was sick again

My son has terrible allergies.

It seems like everything bothers him.

Sometimes it is freshly mowed grass and other times it is hay or pollen. Dust also has a way of causing his allergies to flare up. When Jack has flare ups, he is miserable. Some of the mild symptoms include sneezing and coughing and watery eyes. Some of the more severe symptoms include failure to breathe properly and respiratory arrest. We had to buy an air filtration system for our home last year. We knew it wasn’t necessary, but we were worried about covid and our son was already experiencing a lot of allergies. It seemed to be The Logical way to defend against covid in our home. My wife contacted a company in Orland park, illinois. The Orland Park service company specializes in air filtration systems and air purifiers. My wife told me that the company had excellent reviews and customer service ratings. The company sent a service technician all the way out to our home and spent almost an hour talking with us for free. The consultation was just part of the service they provide to customers. My wife and I saw the benefits of having an air filtration system and we hired the company to fulfill our need. The Orland Park Service Company was excellent with every step of the process. It’s no wonder they had such great reviews online. I made sure to add one more good review to the list online. I made sure to include the name of the technician that installed our air filtration system.


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