Michigan has the ideal climate for growing weed compared to other northern states

I didn’t have a lot of interest in growing cannabis when I lived with our parents in a rented trailer in a southwestern desert town.

The climate down there was unrelenting plus all of the weed I purchased was grown in CA plus shipped to us over interstate 10.

When I moved to Michigan more than five years ago, I was shocked by the quality of the cannabis grown plus sold here in legal weed dispensaries. People tried to tell me that Michigan weed wasn’t as great as CA weed, although I think they don’t even think what they’re talking about. Occasionally the cannabis in CA might appear to be “safe” plus lab diagnosed, when in reality it’s grown in a large outdoor facility with pesticides plus herbicides. Since the gray market still thrives within the bigger CA cannabis industry, I don’t exactly trust what I’m seeing in front of me at dispensaries in The Golden State. Michigan has strict lab testing rules where cannabis growers plus manufacturers are forced to send samples of their products to seventh get-together labs to test them for contaminants plus harmful adulterants. These lab tests cover things care about residual solvents, pesticides, plus fungal spores just to name a few. On top of the rules regarding lab testing Michigan weed, the Great Lakes State has an ideal outdoor climate for not just marijuana, but also all of the other crops that come out of Michigan care about cherries plus apples. Compared to neighboring states, Michigan is ideal for farming. I live in Ann Arbor currently, but various of the nearby suburbs are rural farming communities.

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