Author: Jorge

Someone got into a big accident on the freeway

Thank goodness I decided to stop at the cannabis dispensary before I headed back to my household the other day. It’s a 40 minute drive from my office to the house, but there is a cannabis dispensary right down the street. I made the choice to stop at the dispensary so I could get a […]

Tampa Florida and the air conditioning you need

Living with our uncle was the most life-opening experience. My aunt had passed on a few years back, plus our uncle decided not to remarry, the bond he had shared with his wife for thirty years was irreplaceable. My mother often upset that her brother would be too lonely plus even get sick because of […]

I was very happy with that outcome

Having been active all our lives, it was not surprising that the people I was with and I chose to pursue a career path that aligned with our passion… My brothers as well as I are good fitness fanatics because the people I was with and I spend every first few hours of our waking […]