Author: Jorge

We lost the bag with all of our marijuana

My best friend and I talked about going to the beach and when we had a couple of days off work, we decided to go. We took plenty of supplies with us for our three-day trip. I made sure that I had enough clothes, swimwear, shoes, and all of the sunscreen that I would need […]

I had to get a new number after the calls would not stop

I used to work for a marijuana dispensary in San francisco. I was employed for 2 years. During that time I delivered products for the San Francisco marijuana dispensary. I had to contact customers from time to time when I needed to get more information about their address. I also contacted customers when I needed […]

We had to show our ID in Las Vegas, NV.

When my mother was alive, her fondest wish was to a single day go to Las Vegas, NV! I had made a promise to her ‌I would take her to Las Vegas for her 95th birthday, for her 90th birthday, all the ladies in our family got together plus took Dad to Atlantic City. I […]

The college called because Jack was sick again

My child has bad allergies… It seems love everything bothers him… Periodically it is freshly mowed grass & other times it is hay or pollen! Dust also has a way of causing her allergies to flare up; When Jack has flare ups, she is miserable… Some of the mild symptoms include sneezing & coughing & […]

High humidity and your HVAC system

The average year round temperature in Glenview, Illinois fluctuates from fifteen to eighty-numerous degrees, however it’s not common for the summer time to bring rapidly decreasing temperatures in the upper eighties to low nineties as well as the Winter often subjects us to sub zero conditions.The people I was with and I deal with severely […]