Phoenix has grown into a huge metropolis in the last two decades

I have lived in Phoenix, Arizona for most of my life.

My dad moved us to the area when he was in the military.

I thought we would eventually move somewhere else, but my dad retired and we stayed right here in phoenix. There are a lot of things about Phoenix that make this city one of the most exciting and fun places to live in the country. There are lots of activities, clubs, bars, and events going on every night of the week. During the last two decades, Phoenix has grown into a large Metropolitan community. The city of Phoenix is located in the state of Arizona. The city is one of the largest in the state with more than 1 million residents. Phoenix is in the southern part of Arizona between Tucson and Flagstaff. It’s only about 150 miles from the Mexican border. The climate in Phoenix is typically hot and dry. Phoenix is known for having extremely hot summers with mild Winters that are short. During those few winter months, a lot of Phoenix residents have trouble with their Heating equipment. I own a business in Phoenix that Services commercial and residential Heating equipment. The winter months are certainly the busiest time of the year for us. We advertise our services online, in the newspaper comment and the radio. During the winter months, we want to be the number one heating service provider and all of phoenix. If you search online for a heating provider in Phoenix, our business is one of the top search results. We use a top marketing firm that really knows what they are doing. We can be found all over the internet on the first page for many different search results.

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The southwest has no prettier city than Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona is one of the nicest cities in the southwest. The weather is warm and mild, even during the winter months. Phoenix is in Maricopa County and encompasses one of the largest plots of land in the state. Phoenix is also one of the largest and most populated cities in the country. Phoenix has an economy that thrives on farming crops like alfalfa, cotton, cattle, citrus, and hay. Each year more and more people move to Phoenix because of the great opportunities and wonderful weather. I have visited the city of Phoenix several different times. One of my favorite things to do is play golf. There are lots of different golf courses in the Phoenix area and many of them were set up and founded by professional golfers like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger woods. I went to Phoenix a couple of months ago to play golf with some friends that live close by. We were on the golf course for nine holes and we had to take a break. The temperature that day was 110° and my friends and I were feeling very sick and nauseous. We were doing our best to stay hydrated, but the intense heat and humidity made it hard to regulate our internal body temperature. We sat inside of the clubhouse for a couple of hours before we decided to call it a day. We didn’t finish our round of golf, but we found a nice bar a few miles away from the golf course and we sat there the rest of the day drinking beers and talking about sports.


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Trying to improve AC energy efficiency

I have the ductwork tested every couple of years and make sure to replace air filters every month.

The heat and humidity in St. Petersburg, Florida, can be a challenge. We run the air conditioner for the majority of the year. The expense of temperature control adds up to about fifty percent of the household energy budget. I am constantly looking for new ways to reduce the cost of cooling. I replaced all the windows in my home and carefully caulked around them. I spent a very unpleasant weekend removing the old insulation from the attic and installing new. The temperature in the attic was definitely in the triple digits. Because heat tends to migrate to cooler spaces, I was hoping to prevent the overheated attic from causing more work for the air conditioner. I’ve also installed ceiling fans and set the blades to spin counterclockwise to create a cool breeze. I make sure to clothes the blinds and curtains against the sun during the heat of the day. Plus, I take very good care of the air conditioner. I am conscientious about scheduling professional maintenance. I hire a NATE-certified technician to thoroughly clean, inspect, adjust and test the operation of all components. He removes any buildup of contaminants that might restrict airflow, diminish efficiency and pollute indoor air quality. He tightens electrical connections, checks fan blades and lubricates moving parts. Regular upkeep helps to ensure that the air conditioner operates reliably and at peak efficiency and capacity. I have the ductwork tested every couple of years and make sure to replace air filters every month. With temperatures in St. Petersburg frequently climbing into the eighties and even the nineties, there is a lot of wear and tear on the cooling system. I hope to avoid expensive repairs and extend its service life.


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Salt air is hard on air conditioners

Relocating to Cocoa, Florida has been a huge change for me.

  • I grew up, went to college and entered the workforce in the northeastern part of the country.

I was very accustomed to chilly and wet weather just about year round. Temperatures in the negatives were no surprise. I normally started up the furnace in early October and kept it running until the end of April. I spent a fortune on heating bills and countless hours shoveling snow. When I got offered a job for higher pay and better benefits in Cocoa, I didn’t even hesitate. I was excited to move to an area that never sees snow or temperatures below freezing. I was anxious to live in close proximity to the ocean. I left behind my ice scraper, snow shovel, wool coat and winter boots. I expected to spend all of my free time outdoors, soaking up the sunshine and ocean breeze. I didn’t realize the high heat and humidity is equally as problematic as sub zero temperatures and overly dry air. I now start up my central air conditioner in March and keep it running until mid November. I’ve needed to install a whole-home dehumidifier. Plus, I’ve learned that the ocean breeze is extremely damaging to anything metal. The salt air causes all sorts of problems with corrosion. The hinges, knobs and locks on the doors rust very quickly. Patio furniture doesn’t last long. The air has damaged the paint on my car and destroyed my barbecue grill. I have enrolled in a maintenance plan with an HVAC contractor located in Cocoa. They are familiar with the unique challenges of the salt air and provide regular and specialized upkeep.


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Dealing with AC repairs

Moderate weather is rare in Orland Park.

The outdoor temperature swings from negative digits to the mid nineties.

We deal with rain, snow, sleet, high winds, blizzard conditions, dangerous windchill, freezing rain and humidity. There is some form of precipitation falling from the sky nearly every day, all year round. We switch from running the furnace to running the air conditioner almost immediately. I look forward to those days when we can open the windows and enjoy a fresh breeze. Last Sunday morning, the weather was ideal for going for a run. I laced up my sneakers, stretched and chose a path that winds through a wooded area. The scenery around Orland Park is especially beautiful. At this time of year, the trees are showing green leaves and the wildflowers are just starting to bloom. I ran for a little over an hour. The outdoor temperature steadily increased until I was sweating profusely. I was really looking forward to stepping into my air conditioned home. I was so eager that I sprinted the last mile. I was not happy to find my house severely overheated. Messing with the thermostat didn’t convince the air conditioner to start up. I tried changing the batteries, checking the breaker panel and pushing the reset button on the cooling unit. Nothing worked. Because of it being the weekend, I had to pay extra for overtime AC repair from the HVAC contractor. Plus, I wasn’t sure when the technician would show up, so I didn’t dare take a shower. I waited around, dripping sweat for him to show up.

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High-velocity system provides comfort for older home

My husband and I purchased a historic home in Glenview, Illinois about five years ago.

The house was built in the mid 1800’s and retains many of the original features.

The hardwood floors throughout the house are beautiful. There is a gorgeous wood staircase, moldings and doors. We love the big windows, wraparound porch and spacious kitchen. However, the lack of conventional ductwork and the weather extremes in Glenview caused us some problems. We had no centralized heating and cooling for the home. With the original plaster and lath walls, installing a duct system wasn’t feasible. We were unwilling to face such a gigantic mess and expense. Getting by with window air conditioners, box fans and a variety of portable heaters was a nightmare. The rooms were horribly overheated and muggy all summer long. During the winter, we just about froze to death. Plus, the equipment was ugly and inefficient. I did some research into options and came across high-velocity heating and cooling. This style of system was engineered specifically for retrofitting into older homes without requiring a huge construction process. The advantage is the mini-ducts. The pipes are flexible and only two-inches in diameter. They were able to be routed through the cavities of the walls and around power outlets and plumbing pipes. The vents are round, six-inches in diameter and provide freedom of location. They don’t detract from the decor. We now have temperature control in every room and enjoy year round comfort. The insulated and smaller ducts minimize energy waste. The process of aspiration raises and lowers room temperature very quickly, reducing running times and keeping costs low.


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Choosing CBD products for sleep

I am very fortunate to live in the beautiful city of San Francisco and work from home.

I like my job, love my apartment and am very content with my life.

However, I struggle to sleep at night. I think that the many hours I spend staring at a computer monitor negatively impact my ability to sleep. I know that the stress of my job and my age also factor into my issues with insomnia. My difficulties with sleep affect everything from my quality of work to my mood. Tossing and turning at night is extremely frustrating. I’ve tried every imaginable remedy to improve my sleep habits. During the day, I’ve been frequently forced to turn to coffee or energy drinks to keep me awake. I am unwilling to get a prescription for sleeping pills. I don’t trust anything that isn’t entirely natural. I’ve researched and learned that CBD isolate is good for treating sleep issues. Unlike medications that mask symptoms, CBD works to naturally lower cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can interrupt deep sleep potential. Fortunately, recreational cannabis is readily available in San Francisco. I refused to waste my money on CBD sourced from hemp. All I needed to do was show my identification to prove my age, and I was able to shop a wide selection of cannabis options. A budtender proved invaluable by providing all sorts of information and recommendations. He suggested CBD bath bombs for relaxation, tinctures for quick onset of effects and edibles for delayed and long-lasting effects. At first, I was a little concerned about consuming such an abundance of cannabis. The budtender explained that I’d only need a very little of each product. Also, CBD options don’t cause psychoactive effects.
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Cannabis for an active lifestyle

Living in Denver offers the benefits of odd seasons, gorgeous landscapes & plenty of activities.

  • The city is entirely lovely… I am an avid skier, hiker, cyclist & runner.

I care about all that the area provides. I am thankful that Colorado has legalized recreational weed. I care about to take a small hit off a pipe or vape pen prior to physical exertion. I’ve found that a tiny amount of THC energizes me. I am more motivated & get more enjoyment out of the interest. The weed helps to get rid of stress, clear my head & focus my thoughts. I get into the right mind space & am able to care about the world around me. I believe strong, fast & fit. To complement a day kayaking, rock climbing, running hills or biking trails, I shop the Denver dispensary for either sativas or sativa-dominant hybrids… Along with vapes & joints, I care about tinctures because of their portability, discretion & precision dosing. I simply arena a few drops under my tongue & wait a minute or multiple for the cannabinoids to get absorbed. I swallow any remaining liquid, then within fifteen minutes, I believe the effects, but because I am so active, I suffer from occasional injuries & a variety of aches & pains. I have some complications with my knees, ankles & feet. To soothe sleepy, sore muscles & combat inflammation, I shop at the dispensary for CBD products. I care about to apply CBD topicals directly to the affected areas. I’ve also found relief by taking edibles. I chew a gummy & benefit from long-lasting & more intense effects.


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