Cannabis for an active lifestyle

Living in Denver offers the benefits of different seasons, gorgeous landscapes and plenty of activities.

The city is absolutely beautiful. I am an avid skier, hiker, cyclist and runner. I appreciate all that the area provides. I am thankful that Colorado has legalized recreational weed. I like to take a small hit off a pipe or vape pen prior to physical exertion. I’ve found that a tiny amount of THC energizes me. I am more motivated and get more enjoyment out of the activity. The weed helps to get rid of stress, clear my head and focus my thoughts. I get into the right mind space and am able to appreciate the world around me. I feel strong, fast and fit. To complement a day kayaking, rock climbing, running hills or biking trails, I shop the Denver dispensary for either sativas or sativa-dominant hybrids. Along with vapes and joints, I like tinctures because of their portability, discretion and precision dosing. I simply place a few drops under my tongue and wait a minute or two for the cannabinoids to get absorbed. I swallow any remaining liquid. Within fifteen minutes, I feel the effects. Because I am so active, I suffer from occasional injuries and a variety of aches and pains. I have some problems with my knees, ankles and feet. To soothe tired, sore muscles and combat inflammation, I shop at the dispensary for CBD products. I like to apply CBD topicals directly to the affected areas. I’ve also found relief by taking edibles. I chew a gummy and benefit from long-lasting and more intense effects.

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