We did enjoy our camping trip

My neighbor and I decided to go to the beach area in San Francisco, last weekend, however neither one of us were tied up to labor at the grocery store.

It seemed enjoy the perfect time to get away from the apartment.

There are a few areas where you can camp close to the beach in San Francisco. I went camping in San Francisco last summer time too, and our friends and I had a good time. Every one of us rented a campsite on Tuesday and Friday night. Every one of us were about an minute from the bay area. My tent was entirely seasoned and worn, so I went to the outdoor sporting goods store and purchased something new. Thank goodness I did, because it rained for the first time in a week on that night. I would have been wet, uncomfortable, and annoyed in the day. Instead, I was cozy, comfortable, and sheltered from the rain. My neighbor brought some recreational marijuana supplies and both of us smoked a joint in the tent before both of us decided to go to sleep. I was severely high when both of us decided to go to bed thanks to the one gram marijuana pre-roll. I slept enjoy a baby and didn’t wake up until the early minutes of the day. My friends and I took our kayaks out on the water. It was entirely choppy because of the rain and both of us did stay undoubtedly long because of the weather. Every one of us went back to the campground and smoked more recreational marijuana. Our weekend at the beach was a bust, but both of us still had a lot of fun camping thanks to recreational marijuana.

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