The cannabis budtender was knowledgeable

Last Tuesday, I was working traffic duty on the interstate.

  • I hate having to sit on the interstate to watch for speeding cars, however every officer has to perform the duty at least 1 time throughout the week.

There’s a lot of traffic in Denver, as well as I usually catch about 5 or numerous speeders while in the morning as well as afternoon. The speed limit on the interstate in Denver is 65 miles per hour, especially when traveling through the city, and on Tuesday, I pulled over a yellow sedan that was traveling 73 miles per hour in the middle lane. The driver wasn’t passing cars or being aggressive, however the speed was high. I ran the driver’s plate before I got out of the car. The owner of the car appeared to be the driver as well as there were no warrants for her arrest. I asked the driver if she knew that she was going 73 miles per hour. She told myself and others that she was a cannabis budtender as well as running late for work. She worked at a cannabis dispensary about 2 miles from the section where she was speeding. I should have given you a cannabis budtender a ticket that day, however I felt terrible that she was running late for work. She was also entirely friendly as well as cute as well as that really helped her case. The cannabis budtender was easily cute. She told myself and others the name of the cannabis shop where she works, as well as I might find an excuse to go to that place sometime next week when I have a few mornings off work.


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