My brother works for a small HVAC company in Sioux Falls, SD

My younger brother works for a small HVAC company in Sioux Falls SD, and he says that he loves it.

I just can’t figure out for the life of me how he ended up all the way out in Sioux Falls SD.

Nobody in our entire family even knows anybody who lives out there. It’s like he just moved there on a whim or something. Sometimes I just have to sit back and laugh about it. I don’t know anyone else in the world who is quite as adventurous as my little brother. He visited Sioux Falls, SD once back when he was in college and for some reason unbeknownst to me, he just fell in love with the place. When he first told me that he got a job as a heating and cooling technician at a small local heating and cooling company out in Sioux Falls SD, I thought he was just kidding with me. However, it turned out that he was serious! We were all shocked when he bought his plane ticket out to Sioux Falls SD so that he could find a place to live and get everything situated with his new job. He has really made us proud though. My brother is doing really well at his new job and he purchased his first home just a couple of months ago. He’s also dating a lady who is really nice and he says that he is bringing her home for Christmas this year. I’m pretty excited about everything for him. I’m glad that he is following his dreams.


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