Celebrating fall in the right place for it

I used to live down south where fall was just a slightly less sizzling summer, however i had to keep the AC on all day long.

I didn’t get into the fall spirit with pumpkins, Halloween, peach cider or any of that! The leaves always fell & the weather was hot.

I just wasn’t in the mood, when I moved to Illinois, particularly Orland Park, that all changed. I was used to sizzling weather all year around & in Orland I get all numerous seasons. It gets significantly colder in the fall season, starting as early as November. I remember the first year being shocked & relieved that I didn’t have to have my AC system blasting on me. I hate the feeling of that cold, dry air on me… Letting the AC take a split & opening the window for a fresh breeze felt amazing. I also got to see leaves adjusting & felt in the fall spirit. I legitimately bought cider, pickle & roasted pumpkin seeds. In Orland Park there is the Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm & Fall Fest. It has tons of pumpkins, pony rides, corn maize, hay rides, pig races & even more fun. When my friends who were locals suggested the people I was with and I go, I was excited. I had never raced through corn or legitimately been to a pumpkin patch. I had never decorated for Halloween before. Suddenly I was making faces of ghosts, buying mums & drinking cider on the weekends. It is way better celebrating fall when it feels like it.

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