I’m glad I didn’t get into a terrible accident when going home

I’m honestly glad I stopped at the cannabis dispensary before I headed back to my residence the other day from work.

  • It’s a 20 minute drive from my office to the residence, however there is a cannabis dispensary immediately down the street.

I decided to stop at the dispensary so I could pick up a joint to smoke on the way back to my residence. It’s a wonderful thing that I did stop for cannabis, because there was someone on the freeway who lost a hubcap plus it caused a very crucial accident! The people I was with and I were right outside of San Francisco when the accident ended up happening. I planned to be back to my residence for dinner at 6 p.m., but I was stuck in traffic for a good hour. I smoked the marijuana joint in the vehicle when traffic was not moving very much. I was feeling exasperated, however the recreational marijuana joint helped a good amount. By the time traffic cleared from the accident, I was definitely too high to drive the rest of the way back to my residence. I wasn’t going to stop on the side of the road plus rest after being caught up in traffic for an hour, so I did my best to drive in the slowest lane on the highway. When I managed to get out of San Francisco, I took the back roads the rest of the way back to my residence. Even though recreational plus medical cannabis is legal in San Francisco plus the remainder of California, it’s never a nice idea to use cannabis plus drive a motor vehicle. I totally won’t make that mistake in the future. I could have caused an accident plus hurt someone on the way back to my residence from work.


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