We had to show our ID in Las Vegas, NV.

When my mother was alive, her fondest wish was to one day go to Las Vegas, NV.

I had made a promise to her ‌I would take her to Las Vegas for her 95th birthday.

For her 90th birthday, all the girls in our family got together and took mom to Atlantic City. I wanted to fulfill her wish to go to Las Vegas. Two years before we were to go to Las Vegas, NV, mom died. I made a promise I was going to go, even if she couldn’t. My son called me about a three months before mom’s birthday would have been, and asked if I wanted to plan the Las Vegas trip, or if he should. I thought he was joking and told him to tell me what it was going to cost me. A month later, I thought he had forgotten about Las Vegas, NV. He said he had set up the hotel, and the flights were almost booked. He gave me the dates and told me to get ready. I was never so excited as I was the day we got off the plane and saw the signs that said welcome to Las Vegas. When my son asked me what I wanted to do first, I said I wanted to go to a marijuana dispensary and then find the Cannabis Cafe mom had read about. She had been getting CBD drops to ease her pain for several years, but she wanted to see if marijuana would also help her. She knew what marijuana was, and she wanted to try it and the food they made at the cannabis cafe before she died.

Medical Weed Las Vegas Nevada