Maintenance for the heating and cooling system

The average year round temperature in Glenview, Illinois fluctuates from fifteen to eighty-four degrees.

It’s not usual for the summer to bring temperatures in the upper eighties to low nineties and the winter often subjects us to sub zero conditions.We deal with extremely high humidity in the summer and a lack of moisture in the winter.

We get high winds, thunder storms, torrential downpours, sleet, freezing rain and blizzard conditions. The snow piles up in feet. While I appreciate four distinct seasons, living in Glenview is a challenge. The weather creates a great deal of work, expense and a constant challenge. Heating and cooling account for about fifty percent of household energy consumption. I’m always looking for new and better ways to reduce costs. I’ve invested into Energy Star rated, high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment. The furnace offers a 98% AFUE while the air conditioner promises a 26 SEER. I am conscientious about changing air filters every month and scheduling professional maintenance every year. I’ve joined a service plan with a local HVAC contractor that includes inspection and adjustment of the air conditioner in the spring and the furnace in the fall. The technician troubleshoots, replaces any warm parts, cleans all components, tests operation and makes necessary adjustments. This service fulfills the manufacturer’s warranty, helps to prevent malfunction and maximizes energy energy efficiency. Keeping the system running at peak capacity provides superior comfort and healthier air quality. I can expect both the furnace and air conditioner to cost less to run and last longer. Having the equipment inspected annually provides peace of mind.


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