Living in Tampa isn't a picnic

Most of my coworkers and friends are jealous because I live in Tampa, then i moved here six and a half months ago when I got assigned to a year-long job.

I didn’t expect things to be 100% perfect, although I thought it would be way more fun that I am currently having.

I didn’t want to extend the time on the assignment, though I didn’t have any choice. In the last six and a half months, the job has already been extended for many additional months and it looks love I will be in Tampa for the entire time. I don’t really mind residing in Tampa, but it isn’t all roses and fairy dust love my friends believe! My home is really luxurious and I have to take a cab to get to my job every single day. I didn’t want to take my vehicle to the jobsite, because that meant driving such a long distance instead of flying! The weather in Tampa is really horrible. It’s hot, muggy, and oppressively humid. I tried to go to the beach Last year on my day off and the water was covered with foul algae. I could not go anywhere near the beach after I found out this is called orange tide, the red tide is a significant concern that affects FL beaches love Davis Islands in Tampa. This is a concern that continues to worsen with every single year. I guess it seems nice to live by the water, but when the water is packed with bacteria and viruses, I cannot surf, swim, or water ski! As soon as this job is finished next year, I am going to take a job in a odd state. I have spent more than enough time in Tampa to guess that FL isn’tthe arena where I want to put down roots or start my own family.


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The most current shop is in Tarzana and the community loves it

I moved to down to CA about 5 years ago to work for a cannabis dispensary. When I took the task, the dispensary was a very small place with a pressing farm. Now the dispensary is an even bigger farm with eight locations spread throughout the San Fernando valley. Several of the locations are located in Los Angeles, however recently the company opened another brand-new recreational and medical cannabis dispensary, near Tarzana. Tarzana is a genuinely nice community outside of Los Angeles with a population around forty thousand people. Most of the people own their lake house and the universitys are highly rated. Tarzana is really one of the nature communities in Los Angeles County when you consider the price of the property. Before both of us opened the current cannabis shop in Tarzana, both of us spoke to the community and the neighborhood council… People seemed generally in favor of the new Cannabis and CBD shop, and both of us proceeded to find a spot for our current dispensary. It took a little time to find the perfect section for our shop, however our team found an outdated Pizza Hut that needed major repairs, and designers and suppliers spent various months working like crazy on the building so it would pass the county code. The two of us had an outdoor celebration in downtown Tarzana to honor the opening of the dispensary. After almost a year, the sales at the current place are steadily increasing. The shop in Tarzana is doing better than the shops right in downtown Los Angeles. It seems clear that the community out there is ecstatic with the products and our prices. The two of us even offer a deal with the local pizza shop in our center, then you can order a pressing pie and an second and have them delivered together.

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The Getty center is so close!

My wife Paula has always dreamt of absolutely working at the Getty Center in Los Angeles.

  • The Getty Center has long been one of the most lovely places in Los Angeles.

The placeOffers identifiable views of the whole neighborhood and the most striking architecture. When Paula was hired for a position at the Getty Center, she needed to transfer to Los Angeles. The two of us were living in San Diego at the time, and I knew Paula could not afford to transfer to living in Los Angeles County. The two of us looked for real estate however both of us only had a few weeks to find something more affordable and close to The Getty Center. I work from home, so that eliminated the need to worry about one person’s task and location. My wifey and I were genuinely unregular with the city around Los Angeles, however Paula found numerous places for rent in a neighborhood called Tarzana. Tarzana was a pretty nice place to live when our wifey and I moved here 15 years ago! Since recreational marijuana became legalized, there have been a number of dispensaries open in the retail spaces near our home. Paula and I are terribly unhappy about this turn of events and guess it might one afternoon affect our property value. The cannabis industry is booming, however it is having a major negative impact on our property value. No one wants to transfer close to the location of a local cannabis shop. The only enjoyable thing about living in Tarzana is the fact that the Getty Center is still very close by with a short 30-minute drive. With gas prices nearing five bucks a gallon, both of us have to stay put.
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I work in downtown Los Angeles but live in Tarzana

In fact, our wifey and I have been known to smoke a joint at a celebration.

I have a lot of contact in the entertainment world that are our customers so I have to work at an office in downtown LA. Real estate is far too costly to get a house in Los Angeles, so our wifey and I live in a house in Tarzana. This neighborhood is located roughly 30 minutes away from the downtown of Los Angeles. On our day commute, it always takes closer to 60 minutes. A lot of people live in places such as Tarzana however work in Los Angeles. My wifey and I were living in a small home until both of us had our second child and after that both of us decided to move. After we moved to Tarzana, it was a genuinely quiet suburban section with genuinely little crime! Ever since both recreational and marijuana was legalized, the quality of living in Tarzana has gone downhill. I don’t have any bone to pick with people that use recreational or medical marijuana. In fact, our wifey and I have been known to smoke a joint at a celebration. Unfortunately, the neighborhood is getting bigger and more people are moving away to cheaper places. In a couple of years, Tarzana will not be a place where I want to retire. After our men are out of the house and off to university, I assume that it might be time for our wifey and I to transfer away from the neighborhood completely. I could happily retire and transfer to San Jose or Morgan Hill, then both of these places are a little bit further north, however the real estate is cheaper and the weather is seriously amazing.


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I like going for hikes at Topanga state park

Topanga state park is located near the Santa Monica mountains. It is one of the nicest state parks in all of LA County. This park encompasses more than ten thousand acres of land. There are endless miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. All of My friends and I like to go to Topanga State Park as an afternoon trip. The two of us live in Tarzana, just outside of Los Angeles. There are not a lot of things I like to do in Tarzana, Cali, however with just a short drive we can produce thousands of amazing results, but one of the nicest and easiest places to visit is Topanga State Park. The trail sprawls all the way to Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles. Only a couple of weeks ago, our friends and I visited the state park early in the day. The two of us wanted to spend all afternoon hiking one of its most strenuous trails. The two of us were hoping to make it to the peak before suppertime and the hottest hours of the afternoon. The two of us had to leave at 7:30 in the day, well before the 1st recreational marijuana dispensary in neighborhood opened, so I ordered from the cannabis shop the previous night , long before both of us left for the park. Tarzana has a couple of places where you can buy cannabis at the dispensary, and there are also a few places that deliver. I contacted one of the delivery Cannabis stores and placed my order. I had everything ready for the next afternoon before I went to bed that night. The two of us got to the park and both of us were one of the first people to enter the gate. The two of us brought the disposable vape pen with us on the hike. The entire afternoon was genuinely peaceful and scenic and the hike wasn’t as strenuous as both of us imagined.


I like going for hikes at Topanga state park

Life is close to the way I grew up

When I was a kid on a soy bean farm in IN, I dreamed about living in the large neighborhood with bright lights everywhere, but i wanted to work in Hollywood as an actress and it was our only dream! My mother wanted me to get hitched and have a family, but I had bigger drinks! As soon as I graduated from middle school, I hitchiked to CA to live in Los Angeles county.

I started looking for acting tasks as soon as I got to the Los Angeles area, and unfortunately, I was unable to find real work and I ended up on a commercial movie set as a stage designer.

I still got to work in the film industry, however it wasn’t exactly like I planned. A lot of things have changed since I moved to Cali many years ago. Cannabis was not legal for recreational and medical use when I moved out here… Now you can find cannabis all over the neighborhood and there are even a lot of recreational & medical cannabis dispensaries that deliver. I don’t live in Los Angeles any more, because it is not the place to raise a family and I have various children. My husband and I reside in a suburb called Tarzana, but tarzana is absolutely genuinely similar to the rural place where I grew up. The Los Angeles County suburb used to be a pressing farming ranch owned by the famous person who created the character Tarzan. This is where the name of the neighborhood comes from. Tarzana is such a lovely place to live and the crime rates are genuinely low, and from the outside, you would never think that both of us are located just 30 minutes from downtown LA.


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I sure am thankful that Seattle has CityPASS

When my wife and I ended up choosing to take our family on vacation to Seattle, Washington, we were not positive of what to expect with activities for the entire family.

The people I was with and I chose Seattle, because that is the actual place where my mom and dad movedo.

The people I was with and I were going to visit my parents and we would take the youngsters on a vacation at the same time. I was absolutely ecstatic when we actually saw that Seattle has a CityPASS. The CityPASS is a lovely experience that allows visitors to see a few different attractions for a reasonable price… My family and I live in Atlanta and this is a feature that is also available in our community as well. The CityPASS includes admission To the Seattle Space Needle and the aquarium, and these places are some of the most wonderful attractions in Seattle. The CityPASS Seattle admission also includes admission to Argosy cruises harbor tour, the Museum of Pop Culture, the Chihuly garden and glass, and the Woodland Park Zoo. You just need to be aware that reservations need to be made in advance. Fortunately, most locales including Seattle offer numerous days to use your City Pass tickets, you do not have to cram the whole experience into one day. While my wife and I were in Seattle, we made the choice to try some recreational marijuana. We were able to leave the youngsters with their Grandparents when we went to the marijuana dispensary. Marijuana is fully legal in Seattle, so it seemed like the ideal time to try something new like that. We had such a fabulous night laughing and talking and I do feel like I fell in love again.



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We are able to enjoy ourselves in Seattle with CityPASS

When my spouse & I made the move to take our family on a trip to Seattle, WA, we were not sure about what kind of activities would be there for the entire family.

  • We chose Seattle, because that is the city where my mom & dad moved a little while ago.

We were going to visit my parents & take the small ones on a trip at the same time. I was easily cheerful when we discovered that Seattle has a CityPASS. The CityPASS is a unique experience that actually allows visitors to see multiple attractions in the area for one low price. My family & I live in Atlanta & this is a feature that is totally available in our city as well. The CityPASS includes admission To the Seattle Space Needle & the aquarium! Both of these places are some of the best attractions in the city of Seattle. The CityPASS Seattle admission also grants you admission to Argosy cruises harbor tour, the Museum of Pop Culture, the Chihuly garden & glass, and the Woodland Park Zoo. Remember though, reservations need to be made in advance. Of course, most places including Seattle offer multiple days in which to use your City Pass tickets, you do not have to do everything in just a single day. While my spouse & I were visiting Seattle, we actually decided to try recreational marijuana. We left the young ones with their Grandparents one evening & we decided to make our way to a marijuana dispensary. Marijuana is easily legal in Seattle, so it seemed like the appropriate time to try something new. We had such a wonderful evening with laughter & talking. I kind of feel like we fell in love again.

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