Author: Jorge

Trying to reduce heating and cooling costs

Living in Glenview, Illinois, means dealing with every type of weather extreme. The summers are hot and muggy and the winters are freezing cold, snowy and windy. It is partly cloudy all year round. The most brutal conditions are during the months from December until March. The high temperature rarely gets above freezing and the […]

Trying out different dispensaries

Living in Chicago provides a lot of really great amenities. There are always theater productions and concerts to attend. We have the Chicago Bulls NBA team, the Chicago Bears NFL team and the Chicago Blackhawks NHL team. There are a wide variety of really amazing restaurants, great shopping, museums and river cruises. It is one […]

Eugene, Oregon is a nice place to visit

Eugene, Oregon is one of the three biggest cities in Oregon. There are lots of museums there, along with a bustling city center. The city of Eugene is also surrounded by nature. There are lots of parks there, along with arboretums and a sanctuary for birds of prey. The sanctuary for the birds of prey […]

I got sick from the theater

My friends and I went to the theater to see Spider-Man on opening night. The theater in Tampa Bay was packed with people from one side of the room to the other. There were hardly any places to sit. My friends and I were lucky to get in line early. We ended up with a […]

I miss living by the water

Most of my life, I lived by the water. I enjoyed swimming, fishing, and outdoor boating activities. When I wasn’t at work or school, I was in the water. I graduated from high school and accepted a scholarship to play baseball for kids at the University of Arizona in Phoenix. When I finished playing baseball, […]